Información sobre Bélgica

Población: 11.007.020 (76th)
GDP: $420,3 trillion (30th)
GDP per cápita: $37.883 (20th)
Exportaciones: $332.300.000.000 (16th)
Importaciones: $ (15th)

Mapa de Bélgica

Summer Language Camps

We offer high-grade summer language camps for children and young adults where they can learn several European languages. Participants can skill themselves in a playful environment in English, French and Dutch. Location is in Belgium.

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Re Bananas

Trendy collection which follows the market and current trends, inspired by people, old cultures and nature.

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industrial furniture from Denmark

Industrial scandinavian furniture : 3 collections rustic , industrial , and vintage . Furniture that you can find in these type of houses called "loft" . Thickness of the wood : 6,5 cm ! Delivery in 2 weeks except for specific demand than it takes 3…

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