This global platform don’t try to teach anybody the way to export, neither the way to import, is that to say, we don’t give you any information about how to hire freight services, forwarders, how to write transport contracts, what taxes or duties you should pay, or information about trade laws, etc.
There are many and very good Webs where you can get this information.
This global platform has been made to allow people to contact with other people, with the advantage that the possibilities of been seen are much more higher than in other platforms due to Google reward us by our coincidence and relevance with TOP positions for your ads.

1.- What kind of people is useful for?

SMEs can get the first step to be seen or the first step to contact to some potential distributor or partner in other countries where they are used to work with, or widen the markets testing other countries they aren't used to work.

Entrepreneurs, can advertise doing their proposals, in the same way that employees of international trade can send their CV to the countries where they would like to work or to workwith from their country.

2.- How to export?

Choose your headquarters as source, and up 2 more cities you’d want as source.
Then, choose the areas,countries, or cities where you want to export your products, or offer your services.

3.- How to import?

Choose your headquarters as source, and up 2 more cities you’d want as source where you could recieve the products you want.
Then, choose the areas,countries, or cities from where you want to import or from where you want hire the services.

4.- How can I advertise?

Just click in advertise for free and follow the steps.
If you have any problem, just mail us at info@sylodium.com.

5.- Is it really free?

Completely free for users all times. Only the clients must pay if they hire a fixed space.

6 .- I want a banner, but if it is free for users, what advantage I get from the banner?

Take a look for example to Spain page, you’ll see the advertises fo users for free, but in the lateral you can see the banners.
These banners appears in all pages of Spain.
If you wan to hire a banner mail us at: mayado@sylodium.com.