Todo el comercio bilateral

Ej.: "Empresa mexicana vende Tequila a distribuidor español"

Mexico-España Tequila Empresa-Distribuidor

Sistema automatizado de negocios donde:

  1. Usted SEGMENTA los anuncios de su empresa. (países, ciudades, actores)
  2. Sus anuncios se multiplican automáticamente con un solo click. Será visto.
  3. Comprar, vender, Alianza, trueque, con otros usuarios y expertos.

Sistema lógico de negocios

Ex: "Mexican Logistics Company offers its services to Colombian companies"

Mexico-Colombia  Logistics  Company-Company

Use our free business logic system:

  1. Choose your target markets, cities, countries, continents.
  2. Choose the type of buyers or sellers, public, wholesalers, importers ...
  3. Choose your categories.

The next generation of import-export business "


Sylodium allows you to use all bilateral trade  and choose your business niches, especially from Latin America, Florida and California to Africa. It is very useful for technology SMEs related to Industry 4.0  (3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, BD, Augmented Reality, Robotics, Internet of things, IoT-IIoT) with shipping businesses (and their routes) and the Laser industry, in where our collaborators  will help

     "Feel the power to dominate your import and / or export niches "