Información sobre Thailand

Población: 66.720.153 (20th)
GDP: $651,8 trillion (24th)
GDP per cápita: $10.125 (87th)
Exportaciones: $228.835.000.000 (24th)
Importaciones: $247.590.000.000 (18th)

Mapa de Thailand

Sugar ICUMSA 45

Sugarex Brazil is a division of Srimungkeaw Agriculture Thailand Ltd, an established trading house with it’s HQ in Bangkok Thailand. Sugarex Brazil is a reliable and trusted supply partner offering trading services worldwide. We are a mill approved…

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gas analyzer manufacturer

ENVIRO SOLUTIONS EXPERT LIMITED (ESE) company researchs, develops and produces gas analyzer and gas analysis systems for applications ranging from  process and environmental monitoring. ESE offers portable NDIR gas analyzers, continuous gas analysis…

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