Información sobre Marruecos

Población: 32.226.056 (38th)
GDP: $153.8 trillion (58th)
GDP per cápita: $4.900 (121th)
Exportaciones: $21.510.000.000 (71th)
Importaciones: $ (52th)

Mapa de Marruecos


Masques de protection contre tout agents contaminants externes

Informations: This mask is carried out starting from several layers of biodegradable material, absorbs CO2 and sweat, elastics to maintain it.This mask helps prevent the spread in the air of saliva particles which are potentially contaminated by the…

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Intelligent Steel Tube Allocation Crane

Intelligent Steel Tube Allocation Crane use Weihua self-developed precise positioning technology and anti-sway technology, fully automated precise distribution of pipes or steel bars for late work.

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