Bilateral trade: business language

Bilateral trade: business language

"I am a company from China that want to sell LED items to Tanzanian companies (not dealers) by not less than 100.000 $"

This basic busines phrase, is represented by Sylodium's System, as you select your source country, China, your source kind of actor, company, your target country, Tanzania, your target kind of actor, company (not dealers) your action, sell, and your price, not less than 100.000 $

the whole phrase is correctly expressed in our URLs, as appear in the country crossing, the actors crossing, the concrete categories and tags, and the crossing of actions with prices.

Conclusion, your proposal becomes a complete URL, is that to say, while you are writing your proposal

you design a canal an Internet (not words inside a busines platform lost in million documents) that will be directly seen (not lost in million documents) but people interested in your proposals, so-

"Your proposals go into the guts of Internet"

"Not miracle, but mathematics, 2 clicks, thousands of business places"

for your price and/or for your items and/or for your company and/or for your country and/or for been your target kind of actor.

For companies, your business in Internet's guts.

Make business in all bilateral trades. Specially for Asian SME's companies that want to enter in Africa related with Industry 4.0, LED lighting, Laser Industry, Shipping Business, and Apps Industry as in these sectors and in those crossing Asia - Africa we offer you great advantages, although the rest of starting or SME's import export companies can use our system, that offer your great advantages, due to our system and the URLs, metas, and contents in Asian (and Rest of World) - African crossings, reach TOP positions, with not virtual competitors in the niches they choose.

You will dominate your business niches in the whole Internet from your house.

THe Unique global platform for bilateral trade. 

All countries and all cities are connected between them, see our mapping system.

Be owner of bilateral trade niches automatically, just following the steps in free register

Advantages in real life, you’ll be seen not only by both sides (source and target countries you choose, but specially for the match between boths sides, both countries, people of your target country looking for your products in the country you live, as our URLs are crucial for Google, your ads appear in top positions in all search engines), just examples of URLs, you can create immediately due to our automatic crossing system.




www.Manila/SIngapore/Trading/Fresh/ etc. etc.......

Endless useful market niches

you can also design your own SEO Circuit Business…Business Routes….…hiring our Premium User’s Plan. Ask us details here. Or we could think of synergies too.

All bilateral trade

where all bilateral trade relationships between countries are possible and where you can advertise your business to be seen. 


Do you want to manage bilateral trade of your country towards all Africa? 

What is your country?

you manage the blog, you earn the money. 

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For Institutions

Are you in bilateral trade between any Asian country with any African country? You will have to count with us as we are occupying due to our crossing system all the bilateral trade relations of the economic blocs related with African countries, African regions, and whole Africa in Internet. 

Are you in any local International Trade or bilateral trade Platform targeting Africa?

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Crossing System:

First the frame

Connecting countries. C2C

Connecting cities. C2C

Connecting actors. A2A

Second the interaction, the business.

Business to Business. B2B

SyL: C2C (A2A )

Business Advantages for USERS

1 - You can choose your target markets: We segment global market as actually is by countries and cities. 

2 - You’ll be seen: Due to our Connecting Countries / Connecting cities system, google rewards us with TOP positions for you ads in the markets you choose.

Best global


For Premium Users: Business Language

You follow the steps, our system build your basic pharse proposal in the URLs, in the Google's gut.