Reasonable Industry 4.0

Reasonable Industry 4.0

For companies. 

We have added in the area THE CLOUD, as target all these matters (cities) inside Industry 4.0 "country" 

We offer even more advantages for Chinese SME's tech companies involved in Laser, LED, R&D or Industry 4.0 that want to enter in Africa, as all our metas and contents are focused in present, but future business.

So you can advertise your company in for ex.

Lagos (Nigeria) - Artificial Intelligence. Ethopia - 3D Printing. Angola - Industry 4.0. IoT AFrica

And we have added for Premium Users as categories the same, so you could advertise in your crossing actors about these concretes matters with the security you will own the business niche you create, is that to say, not only from China to Tanzania, or from USA to Nigeria, but, from CHina to Tanzania IoT included in the URL!!! or from China to Nigeria AI in the URL!!!

China - Nigeria - Artificial Intelligence. HK - Ethopia - 3D Printing. Guangdong - Morocco - Industry 4.0. etc etc.

If you want to be a top in the future, you will be easily if you are involved in Industry 4.0, Artificial Inteligence, Robotics, 3D Printing, Agumenting reality, IoT and IIoT, Big Data.

Join us as Premium Users in order to take adavantage of our African collaborators experts in these matters of Industry 4.0 if you want to be used to them and to their useful and reasonable technologies.

For bloggers, agents and collaborators.

Do you want to manage reasonable Industry 4.0 in Africa? 

You manage all the pages related (AI, BD, 3D Printing, Robotics, IoT, IIoT, Augmenting) you win the money.

Why we say reasonable? As we see coming industry as an opportunity to the right exploitation of resources not as absurd amenities, contact us here

Looking for a Job in Industry 4.0 in your African country?

Make money together with us.

We are devolping together with Sylodium these 2 projects

First: Rexiology System Matching IoT <=> IIoT.

(internet of things) - matching with - (Industrial Internet of things)

Second: Heminemetics: Virtual (Not Artificial) Intelligence. We say virtual as it is a system where persons have to participate together with the machine (not the machine alone) but with the goal of a machine understanding semantics via geometrical logics (Logometry) with concrete position and movements in axis coordinates of all basic words (brinsemia, all expresed in boolean algebra 0.1) and sicences (Critaxis and Hestodolia), and way of people talk each other (pintigedia).

As the machine understand (difference) all words, we can say is a General Intelligence (not specific for any concrete matter)

So if you are interested in working with us about some specific project of AI, or Robotics, but useful (not childish), contact us here