How to import. How to export. 4.0

How to import. How to export. 4.0

"Your import-export business in Internet's guts"

using our unique global platform for bilateral trade

If you want to export to any African, American, Asian, or European country or import from them use

All country (city) crossings you'd desire.

Your proposals break the network.

Pierce where you want


have you thought about what absurd is an ‪international trade platform with isolated countries?

In the reality, import export business happens between unless 2 countries (2 cities)

Karachi – Moscow selling Fish oil

or from Mexico to Egypt hiring legal consulting services

Obviously if you are starting in import export business, this is a great opportunity for you to start without risks, and if you join us as Premium User, our agents, will help you to success your starting business.

But if you are used to import and/or export to other countries, Sylodium helps you as you can test other places other business niches, without any risk. 

And if you are a Chinese Tech company willing to enter in African market, selling items related with Laser, LED lighting, Industry 4.0 or in shipping business services, in Sylodium will find even more advantages as we are the leader of Internet in these sectors, as we are focused in them via our metas and contents. 

and some times in triangular relationships as some Barter operations.

In the reality, not only in import export business happens between 2 countries, many other business, as financial business, happen between countries, as when for example a Brazilian company hires the legal services of an Uruguayan Consulting company to create an Uruguayan SAFI company that participates in a Spanish ETVE company to pay taxes only one time.

Just an example,

Buenos Aires (Argentina) - USA

If you are a recent exporter, you should do the same that the politicians?

Advertising Syllogism

a) Politicians makes its own propaganda. Their goal: to convince the people

b) Politicians are part of the people.

Conclusion: Politicians end up believing their own propaganda 

We are not politicians,

You can be sure,

We are liars but not so much as politicians, and now you know we are not lying you,

That is the reality,

Also that  exporters tailor the right strategy to each country.

Only Sylodium allows you this.


2.- You’ll be seen as you will reach TOP positions in Google with your ads in Sylodium as Google recognize your business due to the fact that we include cities and countries in our URL (in English, Chinese and Spanish).

As politicians do what comes from inside do not stop of talking us about sensitivities

We should'nt do the same.

We should speak about facts.

We speak now about realities. 

For us the left is the shield and the right hand is the sword.

There are much more advantages than disadvantages watching with long stroke,

We are not here to teach you how to export, we are here to show you the way to start to export.

You’ll learn the method, your own method studying and practicing

Just the best advice for your business, start with Sylodium.

 Some advantages for your company

CONNECTING THE WORLDEverybody plays, not only from China to Africa