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Just go to the origin of the word segmentation:

That is what we do. We segment the market. The web of business segments

From <Spain (to) China >being a looking for

From  being looking for working with

-But all related with all (Rexiology - heminemetics)-

Is that to say , , , , , , , , .....

200 x 200 (country crossings) = 40.000 business places.

12 x 12 (areas connected) = 144 business places (The areas, , and , are symbolic, obviously without concrete coordinates, so google don’t give us the big advantage that give us in all concrete countries and cities of the world).

200 x 12 = 2.400 business places (countries connected to areas) 

We operate in the segment, in all million combination

but after the segmentation, come the multiplication,

With just 1 banner, this unique banner, in for ex.

, offering //ham//

This banners, suppose thousands of bussiness places, what is really very interesting for people starting an import export business, and crucial for companies with small market share currently striving for increasing their strenght.

Unique segmentation

UNIQUE by countries, cities, and actors

and  categories and products

You'll be seen by people you want to be seen in the places you want







These niches that you reach if you are Premium User, go beyond the previous about segmentation and multiplication, as we will include the key words of your business in our URL’s and metas.

so you won’t be just present in the niche, you will be the owner of the niche.

just an example,

imagine you are

the crossing between Istanbul and 3 cities you could choose from the world,

For example,

Istanbul – Berlin,

Istanbul – Ankara….

Istanbul – Dubai,

Current this crossing is in this way (Turkey)-Dubai (UAE)-357_131


But then, we will Include the key words you choose, in the URL (one of the keys for Google)

If you are in Furniture business

Furniture-beds, for ex. (Turkey)-Dubai (UAE)Furniture-Beds-357_131

Then after include this in the URL;

You will seen by much more wide number of people from those cities,

You are the owner in Sylodium (in a sense in Google too!!) of these niches.




you have your ad in top position in your niche too.




you have the Banner in your niches








After you hire our pack of our 4 services after joining us for free, we will include your business in our website banner section without requiring you anything, via our banner generator, linked to your website or any other place you’d decide.

In any case,

Our banner template, if you’d desire design it by yourself

188 x 176 píx (size proportion)




The Web of Segments

Do take into account that not only the markets you choose, the language, or the size of the company, is that to say the demographic segmentation, but also the psychographic segmentation to design your marketing strategy around the world if you’d desire.

The "positioning strategy" is done by our structure

Our "pricing strategy", by now, is a big opportunity.

Now, the advantage is of considerable importance, You are not only be seen by people you want by our system, but also our segmentation multiplies your proposals, A banner, country - country, not only appears in 3 sites, the two countries and the connection, It appears connecting all cities for instance - They are (20x25 cities plus the 3) 503 places of business (Not 3)

Our platform shows us the only way to do international business in Internet for people starting an import export business, new global entrepeneurs, and for SME's (even more for small that for medium size companies)


Businesses takes places everywhere

In all, there won’t be problems of getting a very good place for your business as there are many possibilities.

Obviously  will be much more wanted that

but obviously there aren’t any city that is not an interesting city in these 1.900 we have selected

Just imagine the business can happen between or ,

In any case

The first companies, obviously, take advantage respect the next ones of joining us as they can select better places still available.

contact us here


Zamora (Spain)

Avd Portugal 8 2º

Sylodium S.L. CIF B-49269202.