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Business Advantages for USERS

1.- You can choose your target markets: We segment global market as actually is by countries and cities. 

2.- You’ll be seen: Due to our Connecting Countries / Connecting cities system, google rewards us with TOP positions for you ads in the markets you choose.

Best global SEO. (We include in URLs and metas your products (categories) and places (countries and cities)

3.- Multiplication of ads. Multiplication of business opportunities. for example, 3 source cities (Mexico, Monterrey, Cancun) and China as target (190 cities), 570 (3x190) different places that will be reached in diffferent and specific ways. Mexico – Shanghai, Monterrey – Shenzhen…… 

4.- Plan your international business. You can tailor the right strategy to each country. It isnt the same sell to India that sell to Germany, no?

5.-buy, sell, partner and research.

Interaction with rest of Users: Sylodium is an essential meeting place for prospects and become reality the business

6.-FREE for users. You can introduce your web, your mail…All ads for FREE all the times.


7.- Global Barter, Global segmentation, Networking businesss.For Premium USERS.

8.- Forum-Business-Contest. For public

9.- Import export Jobs. Work with us.

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Later, you can create new crossings as well as register your company if you wish.

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Free users can only create ads from their hometown with up to 50 target cities . Premium users can choose up to 3 cities of origin and 500 cities of destination.

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