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Barter Arrangements

Bartering is an arrangement of trading goods or services instantaneously without the use of money. An effective method to build professional networks and establish themselves. Barter transactions which does not involve physical currencies will still have tax implications.

Sylodium is currently involved in barter between Africa and Latin America. We have also expanded our barter operations inside Italian cities to further influence the trade industry.

Barter Operations include:

  • Stock Management that allow companies to stay ahead of demands
  • Stock Exchange with other companies in similar situation benefitting both businesses

Sylodium boldly welcome businesses and entrepreneurs to establish contact for barter trades. Hence, we would like to reach an agreement where you can find yourself working with our collaborators or launching specific campaigns in social networks or even in live events as such as International fairs. Contact us at to discuss relevant possibilities.


Barter Support System

Sylodium offers a range of barter support with 4 key points as follows:

  • Business Networking Support from different countries willing to do barter businesses.
  • Collaborators Support from different countries to set-up businesses in desired countries
  • Experts Support to advise you on about the contracts in barter businesses
  • Banking Support (KBL Bank) to grant the necessary operations

The support system is available prior to the commitment of both parties who are agreeable to all transactional obligations. An example of a barter trade that had been dealt in the past, includes a container swap: one million bicycles for tons of rolled steel.

Deals as such can definitely be done with a Letter of Credit based on your relationship with the company. Otherwise, we will provide necessary banking support to move the deal on a condition where the involvement of both Sylodium and the bank will each earn 1% commission on the proposed deal.


Advantages of Barter 

  • Barter has proven to increases sales.
  • Barter enhances productivity. Barter helps companies put inventory, equipment and employees to good use, creating new revenue that would not have been available otherwise. 
  • Barter can reduce seasonality. During periods when business is typically slower due to a company’s goods or service mix, companies strengthen their overall financial position by accepting trade credits through barter.
  • Barter facilitates new cash sales. The key to sales success is referrals – word-of-mouth marketing in internet, and in the street via our administrators. 

Peak performance has its benefits, a good job for a client you serviced through your barter exchange will be rewarded with referrals.

  • Barter facilitates increased profits. Sellers within a barter network make incremental barter sales (over and above their cash business) and increased sales mean increased profits.
  • Barter expands distribution channels. Barter exchange members expand their business market reach by marketing to the exchange network’s membership base. 
  • Barter creates wholesale buying power. When you join a barter exchange, you open the door to a new, cash-free way of handling everyday business and personal expenses.
  • Barter builds customer loyalty. When one business is connected to another through barter exchange, the two businesses are connected by more than a simple transaction, rather a network.


Virtual to Reality

Sylodium is where businesses happen as they confidently watch all barter arrangements come to live. Your proposals will be reviewed and endorsed by our team of experts. The virtual network built within our platform has directions to a successful trade.

We aim to achieve quality over quantity at all times. Contact us now.


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