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Collaborative Engagement:

Sylodium has successfully engineered an interwoven networking platform using complex algorithms. This automated networking system is a powerful business platform that can be defined as the next-generation engagement tool for collaboration.


Automated Networking:

Users can now strategically leverage their businesses with ease. Sylodium automatically interweaves your business with others (including places, kind of actors, categories, products and tags).


Handmade Networking:

Premium users will have a distinct advantage added to their businesses upon request. We will assign an expert collaborator who manually designs your business route. Our collaborator will expertly link, review, source and suggest proposals that is relevant to your business on a larger scale.

Handmade networking is useful for SMEs involved in the Import & Export industry with insufficient market shares. This is also a highly recommended premium for businesses who wish to expand their operations in the global market.


Social Networking:

Sylodium’s involvement on social networks have proven to provide us with relevant customer data and real-time interests. You can find us active on our Facebook page, LinkedIn group, Twitter, etc.

Enter the new era of business as your proposals appear in our social networking sites. Thousands of businesses have joined us in record time and we will continue to grow exponentially. The key statistics are favorable to our movement as we set sights on the global economy.


Actors Participation:

An actor’s role come in different forms as such as the public, an expert in a specific field or International companies. Such actors have a strong contributing role for networking purposes.



Business advertisements found on all sections of our platform play a major role on attracting the public from various directions globally. Hence, businesses on our platform have formidable advantages by advertising with us.

Sylodium has about 100K visits per month and it is increasing based on our activities on the internet. Key activities that we promote are International Trade news via our Economic blocs and real-time engagement on social networks. The introduction of our Forum will also attract more users as we are continuously working on creative and flexible ideas to upgrade the engagement process.



Our experts are given the role of a Trade Marketing Manager who will assist dealers and distributors to buy, sell or trade the stock through various channels in their respective countries and cities. They maintain a positive and active customer base focusing on Distribution, Display, Promotion and Price.

Collaborators of Sylodium play a crucial role to our developments. We provide them with necessary connection, information and leads to move forward with professionalism. This service is entirely exclusive and is available to our Enterprise Premium package. Contact us to find out more about the involvement of our experts.


International Companies:

Sylodium’s initiative to contribute to the global economy is imminent as we aim to create job opportunities by enabling collaboration through our platform.

We propel international companies with game-changing results despite market condition by proposing favorable developments prior to their market standing. We also provide necessary banking support to move a deal on a condition where the involvement of both Sylodium and the bank will each earn 1% commission on the proposed deal.


Business Forum:

Sylodium will be introducing its Business Forum in Q2 2018! Stay tuned for more relevant updates as we are taking this business platform to the next level.


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