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The Chamber of Commerce China SpainThe Chamber of Commerce China Spain

The Chamber of Commerce China Spain


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The place where Manufacturers meet their Agents & Distributors

B2B Marketplace - Mukru.comB2B Marketplace -

Business two Business. For buyers and sellers around the world.


Climbing blog Hunting blog


Door to China market

BCredits too

Markmarine S.L.Markmarine S.L.

Horse Mackerel. Sardinella. Mackerel. Sardine


1 Another platforms,

- local platforms of international trade in India, Africa, Asia, America….Any platform sited in any country or any city of intl trade or global business

- Specific platforms, about some matters, Laser, international news, Apps, VoIP, Led, Forex Trading, Tourism, Shipping Business, customs, travel, leisure, fairs….barter, circuit business, Luxury business, International Jobs….

Depending the essence of each platform, we will develop diferent synergies.

Speciailly if they have a system that could adapt to our system to get both together an advantage versus competitors.

The relationships feeding each other, can go beyond Exchange of users (Exchange of links today, as we kno, is not a good way to spread businesses in Internet)


2 Investors

1-Those who would like to design his own circuit bussines inside Sylodium: see
2-Those who would like to develop some appendix outside Sylodium but related with Sylodium feeding each other. see

3 International companies,

Any company that would like have the advantage of Premium Users but without paying, so in Exchange, by their side, they should participate in the Web, in the conditions we will sign, Sylodium and these companies.


4 Institutions of Global trade,

Institutions, associations of the same matters. Specially Bilateral Chambers,

For ex, The Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong,

being owner of bilateral trade Niches (advantages in real life, as they will be seen by both sides