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Sylodium Enterprise Premium (*TBN)
Source Cities 1 City 3 Cities 3 Cities
Target Cities 1 Country or 50 Cities 1 Continent or 500 Cities 1 Continent or 500 Cities
Target Actors 1 Target Actor 2 Target Actors 2 Target Actors
Ads Position
1º Degree Position with Participation Banners - Alloted Spaces (in all related pages)

Banners - Alloted Spaces (in all related pages)
Introductions & News Relevancy

Comment, Follow, Trade & Alliance Comment, Follow, Trade & Alliance Comment, Follow, Trade, Alliance & Barter (up to 3º Degree involvement)
Business Niches
Automated Niches Automated Niches.
Automated SEO Circuit Business.
Owner of 5 niches in all of Internet.
Automated Niches.
Automated SEO Circuit Business.
Owner of 5 niches in all of Internet.
Uniquely-Designed (SEO) Circuit Business
Target Networking
Automated Networking.
Public & Participatory Collaborations.
Automated Networking.
Public & Participatory Collaborations.
Advertising Business Proposals on Social Networks.

Automated Networking.
Public & Participatory Collaborations.
Advertising Business Proposals on Social Networks.
Handmade Networking
Collaborators of Sylodium: Strategic Trades Involvement

* To Be Negotiated



1 Barter.

Grow your business with other business doing global barte, exchange of products, exchange of containers.

2 Two Networking Business.

Allow other business and our collaborators around the world to propose you new oportunities.

You can also deal with our collaborators to make real your virtual proposal in the countries they work. 

3 Banner.

You'll be seen by your target market.

A fix space in all pages of the crossings you would choose, so much more visibility than the free ads have.



Prices (GDP PPP per capita)

The Price of the pack of services is a fee in proportion to the GDP per capita or each country (PPP per capita)

An example on countries and their monthly payout,

(These prices don't include the hiring of any concrete service of our collaborators to do reality the virtual business in their country)

A Qatari company would pay $125 monthly

Swiss $65

Spanish $49

Mexican $34

Chinese $28

Indian $23

Sierra Leonean $20

Quarterly payment of 10% savings.

Annual payment of 20% savings.

This Price proportion, may not be considered a fair Price.

The fair Price is considered when we provide the situation.


When in proportion, richest countries pay much more than poorest countries.

Therefore, every $500 of a Swiss company, a Sub-Saharan African company pays just $1.

We’ll arrive there, of course.

What’s unusual, is that we are sincere with our publicity

The price that we consider as appropriate and reasonable in this "our starting" would be the Price we have established for Nordic countries, about $50 per month, so a medium country in GDP per capita,  as Mexico, Malaysia, or Lybia, with the Price of 15 dollars per month is getting a huge opportunity,

Imagine the good prices most African countries benefit from!!



Why we offer so low?

We want to spread Sylodium.

In any case,

The next 3 months, seeing our "good starting", these prices will be much higher than now, as the number of companies and Sylodium’s administrators will be exponentially higher.

That is other reason this is a great opportunity for your business, as you can maintain these prices of now a whole year.

Many companies exaggerate or try to be too much persuasive with their products of services and with their targets,

The reason is not to be fair, but interested, (not be afraid of the reality, the interest move us, recognize it)
next eleven countries, or emerging countries give us more confident, because they have trusted more in Sylodium till now,
and the future of international trade, is theirs
not only for being the emerging countries,

but also for attitude, for desire

Why do we NOT practice that? the lie.

Sincerely, our Web is the best structure platform you can find in internet, so we don’t have to exaggerate or persuade.


Are we a Social Company by our equitative prices?

Our first objective, as we told you:

-Spread the Influence of Syloduim

Second objective in long term,

-Make money

Social goals are for other kind of companies, some of them are fantastic companies as explained below.

We trust in those companies that benefit everybody and obviouls themselves, benefiting all parts that participate, micro-credits, companies that invest in African countries looking for business for 2 sides, not charity, going towards less gap between countries.


Premium User

Sincerely. It is a prestigious offer to become a member of Sylodium.



We are in the reality, and bringing the future to the present, designing a net towards a cybernetic system.


A life system, as an organism, where the general equilibrium must rule, cleaning the unfair results of the bilateral relationships (linseidancia), correcting them by things happen, and establishing the equilibrium price uneven favor to Africa and a part of Asia and few Latin American countries.

Cybernetics exactly as in NOT gold price, live gold price, oil prices, Forex trading, oil price today, crude oil prices, gas prices, that result after a game of the offer and the demand.


Zamora (Spain)

Avd Portugal 8 2º

Sylodium S.L. CIF B-49269202.

34 - 693 720 436