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1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!

1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!

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Baoji Shuangli Forklifts Truck Company(BJSL) established in 1965, is the first manufacturer of the forklift truck in China, playing a leading role on the development process of Chinese forklift industries. Nowadays all senior engineers & administrators with their experienced skills and rich knowledge not only serve in our company ,but also in most forklift manufacturers of China.
Our company professional manufacturing diesel forklift 2-35 tons series, 1- 3 tons battery balance forklift Series ,2- 3 tons gasoline / natural gas dual-fuel hybrid forklift and a variety non-standard forklifts. Kindly you contact with me directly if you’re interesting in our forklifts by my email: or my Skype: jobingpeter,please!
Looking to the future! BJSL is willing to cooperate with the community in good faith, to develop a better tomorrow!

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1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!1-35 ton Forklift Truck Available!
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