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The significant factor paid to routes and trends are key to all International trades. Hence, the ability to plan for the present and future are determined by our Economic Blocs. The strong influence from all respective governmental organizations and SMEs will prove to have a positive impact in such standards. We are also the only platform that provides the possibility to advertise in these routes and increase their profits substantially.

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Sylodium provides the opportunity to participate and manage all news on about African, America, European, Asian blocs specially in Industry 4.0 (Artificial Inteligence, 3D Printing, Robotics, IoT, IIoT, and Laser Industry)
You will be given the authority to manage while earning along the way.
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Participating Companies

Conduct business in all form of bilateral trades. Sylodium identifies multiple trends that are potentially profitable and we already have a steady view for businesses from:

Asia to Africa - trending on Technology: Apps, Laser, LED, R&D businesses, etc.; etc etc

America to Africa – trending on Future: Industry 4.0, 3D Printers, Laser, AI, Virtual Intelligence, R&D businesses, etc.

Europe to Africa – trending on Projects: HR Solutions, Circuit Businesses, Local & Sustainable Tourism, and Tech-agro-eco-Businesses (areoponic systems, agroships, etc.)

Companies from Import & Export all the way to Tourism industries, are already taking absolute advantage of Sylodium. The Economic Blocs have been a steady influencer in many form of actor as such as consumers, distributors and employers. We have and still are providing the ability to advertise International businesses from one country to another with ease all from one platform, with many already active.

International Institutions


Tap straight into Sylodium if you are involved in any Asia-Africa institutional relations where we provide domain support (E.g. The strength come from synergies that we discuss with our potential clients. Therefore, we want to design and understand what serves your business best.

All futuristic trends can also be visualized with our America-Africa relations. This development allows introduction of businesses to an industrious future. Sylodium will enhance necessary support based on our client’s expectation to be able to clinch proposed deals.

Projects are key to where Europe have increasingly established non-charitable businesses with Africa. Europe-Africa relations are reliably strong as more continental movements are expected with Sylodium. Contact us at: