Economic Blocs


The routes are the essence of International trade, 

Ande we know, the economic blocs are the present and future of international trade. 

Sylodium is the unique global platform that manage all the routes between countries and cities,

all bilateral trade relations and the only one, that offer companies the possibility to advertise in these routes, the real place of international business

Furthermore, we are the only one that show companies the main economic blocs to make business in any of them,

Companies!!! can take advantage of Sylodium, to advertise their import export business, or tourism business, or any international business, from their country to any country, or to any economic bloc at once choosing their categories and their target actors (other companies, distributors, consumers, employees…)

The geopolitc game, the international game between economic blocs, is a complex game where in some things some times they are allied and in another things another times they fight commercially.

The complex game of FTA’s is interwoven with economic blocs game.

Is known, that inside the Empires struggle happens the class struggle,

If some actor play a key, many other keys move in response.

The webs inside the web are many and varied,

It is not easy to hit knowing your own strength and the competitors' strenght.

The international institutions being part of our System can test what public, experts and companies think about them, and can get good ideas from them.

Inside the crossing actors

institutions – companies

companies - institutions,

Instituions – experts, vice versa

Institutions – public…..etc

and for the crossing

Public – Institutions we have a filter,

only public who really can contribute with good ideas, about our game "Rotate your Country", or the game "Care your App", will be able to participate.

Sylodium has opted for focusing in All big economic blocs acting towards African’s economic blocs.

Our strategic plan is outside economic blocs, is between several countries, and here is not the place to talk about it. 

Make business in SADC – EU, 

Make business in Africa – Europe

Make business in America - Asia

Make business in SAARC – China ……

Take in account, that with our international segmentation system,

the business appears in all places that they choose, so they can be seen by interested people that are looking exactly in these specific places (NICHES) they have chosen, so the match is sure.  But we want to say

They will be seen, for ex, from 3 Mexican cities, Monterrey, Cancun and Mexico to Chile (7 cities), in 21 different places, so the possibilites increase, imagine they select mexico to all South America or to all EU (main cities). But we go beyond, inside our obsession of make reality the virtual world, we have a team with several agents around the world, that will help business to success their business in case they are starting in import export busines, or in case they have not the contacts they would need in these countries

Not only for institutions, obviously for other actors Sylodium is very useful: 

Are you a company?

Hire our services to tap our 3 networks business (lower charges for international business in developing countries)

Are you an expert?

Contact us to work with us, representing your country –rest of world, or to get advertising incomes from your own international news.

American Jobs for European business

Chinese Jobs for African business

Finally,  in another section we have developed, is the possibility via our Unique Forum-Business-Contest to make money in the relationship between Areas and Countries, it is a new kind of international game to make money online.

Make money in GCC – EU (Middle East – UK, EU – Yemen…)

Make money in SICA – USA (USA – Costa Rica, Central America – USA east coast)