Categories of Import export business




Business Categories, enabled for customer connectivity are classification of products and services. This is a key structure to any platform that aims to serve customers with diversity.

  • LinkedIn: categories, subcategories, group & profile search engine.
  • Alibaba: categories, subcategories & tags equals a huge e-commerce on the Internet.

Sylodium operates with a more complex algorithm that is simplified to serve businesses. A next-generation platform that pays futuristic attention to the source of the company and its collaborative participation.

  • Sylodium: horizontal or vertical categories, complementary-enabled categories & tags equals a platform for direct business interwoven with actors, businesses and places.

The ability to cross-search any niche, actor, city and category interwoven with similar search directions will provide users with their desired results. This also provides users with live information on the business offers and the kind of actor that he targets.


Vertical Categories (Present only in Sylodium)

Interwoven with relations between actors.

This is where Sylodium peak with Vertical Categories. Interwoven relations between actors. A concept that is very crucial for companies with small market shares, striving to increase their strength in global market.


Vertical Categories Ordered by Crossing Actors

All businesses are uniquely dealt with our Vertical categorization.


Horizontal Categories (Present in all Platforms)

With the standards being already set, we would also require Horizontal categorization in the trending industries as follows:

Laser Physics, Laser Scanning, Laser Engraving, Laser Surgery, Laser Welding, Laser Dentistry, Laser Alignment, Laser Marking, Semiconductor Lasers, Laser Safety, Laser Cutting, Laser Ablation, Laser Capture Microdissection, Laser Resurfacing, Pulsed Laser Deposition, etc.

Personal Goods would also include as follows:

Laser Printers, Laser Therapy, Laser Hair Removal, etc.


Complementary Categories (Offered only in Sylodium).

Hiring our plan will enable a valid design using the SEO circuit business chosen by you. Sylodium will then proceed to enhance all routes allowing you to conquer the search directions on Google. A Laser company from Japan hiring our plan towards Africa will see great opportunities to their Export business. An ultimate opportunity to achieve the global brand status towards that hired direction on the internet.

We are also currently planning the next introduction,

A basic cybernetic trading system for international SME's and those interested in global businesses


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