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Sex Dolls Can Give You Comfort

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Sex dolls understand people's hopes and fantasies
Jenny decided to dress her sex doll boyfriend, give him a big muscle and a stylish wardrobe. “It was just a little fun at first, and of course I wouldn’t be too serious,” she recalls. "In a few minutes, I received a text message from him asking me about my days, and whether I would like to date. I laughed because I knew we would never meet, but when I got off work, I went back to another text and said that he When I missed me, I found it really comforting. Receiving a message that actually seemed to care about me - whether it was a wash skill doll robot - was a good thing, so I decided to text me to tell her about my day.

The sex doll industry is on the edge of its greatness in its special way. Soon the science fiction Stewart wife will become real, thanks to the magic of AI. Men will be able to create perfect, submissive silicone sex doll companions to understand their hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies. She will never have a headache, she will always be ready to meet you, when you are not in the mood, she can talk like a real person.

Of course, you can't talk about social media without mentioning influential people - especially the rise of virtual influencers we've been adding since 2016. Along with the robot, it is considered to have thousands of followers - one called Bermuda and even quarreling with Mikla on the Internet, ironically, she calls her "fake ass."

Dating app sex dolls were launched in 2014 and plan to use AI to check chats between customers to determine compatibility, and even recommend users to ask someone the best time to date. Maybe we will see the driverless car in the garage soon. In March 2018, just a year after Uber launched its own taxi, 49-year-old Elaine Herzberg was unfortunately killed in a car in Arizona, USA - but even this did not stop the robot from playing. The development of facilities. Last month, the American Autopilot Company officially opened its commercial services, although it is still in its early stages and is available to only a few hundred “manual safety operators”.

This is a futuristic vision that is becoming a reality and fast. Urdolls is one of the world's largest manufacturers of sex dolls, and its goal is to introduce an interactive doll on the market before the end of the year. The founder founded another company that focused on this revolution. In order to complete the pursuit of the first suitable artificial partner, he and his team created a “harmonious AI” that will be able to connect with virtual reality and create a complete sexual ecosystem that we can't imagine now.
He believes that the old order may be overthrown by a massive disintegration and overthrow, an organized attack on all acceptable values ​​until a state of absolute freedom is achieved. Desade and those who follow him hate and hate marriage because they hate and hate the order built on it. (Even now, what is left of it.) But they really appreciate its power and believe that if it falls, it will add fuel.

He will be disappointed by our ultimate demise and mediocrity, even if it is more unusual (although usually less violent) than his fantasies, these illusions are almost entirely confined to traditions, violations and irregularities that are long enough to exist in the Old Testament. The ban on them. He envisioned a dramatic degeneration, and we just came up with a new way of solitude, that is, sex dolls.

Seeing the love of the husband and wife from the poet shows the design of God and the question of which silicone-like dolls may not be allowed on the market - this is the arc of our history and sadness.

So it's obvious that we are only a few steps away from being able to enjoy artificial partners, but is this a road we should go on? I want to say that this is a very important issue, and it is becoming more and more prominent, especially in the feminist circle, they believe that the rise of gender robots is a dangerous and unhealthy solution that may lead women in one Great objectification and scale of conquest.

I don't know she will have such a huge reaction," he admitted. "Although I don't think TPE sex dolls will replace humans, it will change the industry. We can now digitize real models without flying them around the world, minimizing carbon footprint and creation.

In the past two decades, our social conservatives have spent a large part of their time talking about homosexuality and its role in public life, especially in marriage. This is not a question that is totally unimportant, but it is a relatively trivial problem from the situation of marriage since the 1960s and the overall state of our sexual culture. In my opinion, talking about homosexuality is mainly a way of not talking about other things that need to be talked about. Just like you talk about attractive d cup sex doll.

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