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Sand Control Perforated Tube Screen

Sand Control Perforated Tube Screen

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Excellent anti-corrosion properties:
Sand Center Tube is API standard tube or oil tube and the high precision perforated filter glove is made of 304 stainless steel materials.

For wells containing H2S, CO2, high-Cl that has special requirements, the sand center tube can be corrosion-resistant casing or tubing.

Center tube has high precision perforated tube with standard oil and glove tubes. The spiral perforating form of the center tube.

About the company

Victall Perforated Tubing Co

Activity: Victall Perforated Tubing Co

Victall is a China manufacturer supplying perforated tubes and liners, slotted liners, perforated pipes and spiral wound welded tubes in China. We are engaged in perforating, punching, slotting, stamping and processing of various perforated metals materials covering stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel and other alloys, even plastic. Our Sand Control and Filter Pipes inclue: Perforated Sand Control Tubing Perforated Tubing Filters Spiral Welded Metal Tubing Perforated metal tubes are available in diameter up to 6 in. & lengths up to 30 in. in different metals including carbon steel, stainless steel & aluminum in different thicknesses. We manufacture standard & custom perforated metal tubes. Materials handled include stainless steel & carbon steel. Perforated tubing is available in OD up to 3 in., wall thickness from 0.024 in. to 0.118 in. & tube lengths up to 27.5. The perforated and slotted tubing products are mostly used as filter cylinders or filter support pipes in water treatment, well screen sand control assemblies in oil field down-hole operations & other applications. Perforated tubes are used for decoration sometimes also. We also supply architectural perforated sheets, stainless steel cladding panels, aluminum facade panels, punched metals in round hole and various patterns for decoration, fabrication and industrial uses. Welcome to contact us for more information.

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Sand Control Perforated Tube Screen
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