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External Department of Purchasing and Supply Chain

External Department of Purchasing and Supply Chain

Col. Centro – Monterrey – Mexico(52-1)
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Monterrey (Mexico) - Limassol (Cyprus)Monterrey (Mexico) - Skopje (Macedonia)
Monterrey (Mexico) - Celje (Slovenia)Monterrey (Mexico) - Stockholm (Sweden)
Monterrey (Mexico) - Kaunas (Lithuania)Monterrey (Mexico) - Aachen (Germany)
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Monterrey (Mexico) - Pristina (Kosovo)Monterrey (Mexico) - Tallinn (Estonia)

Market analysis
Please update the market on its categories that directly or indirectly impact on your business strategically.

Intelligent information
Delegate all the "Management Reporting" of your company in one consolidated process. Reports by categories, businesses and users.

Opportunity Generation
Simply we surveyed all its shopping package and find opportunities for savings, quality and service.

Through the Category Management (or category management and commodities), make sure all your purchases to the know-how, updating the market (prices, suppliers and services) and process efficiency, adding value to your business in the same so that you do for key categories.

Consolidates all processes into one for your organization that are of low value added or simply represent costs.

Is an enterprise of the first world and total quality management integrating shopping business to streamline operations, reduce costs and accelerate compliance with orders of their clients.

About the company

Welcome to a new company, a new way of doing business

Activity: External Department of Purchasing and Supply Chain

We are the company that combines the value of people and technology that will help reduce business costs and maximize its potential. In C.O. We combine the best of human talent with the latest technology to provide your company the tools to compete in an increasingly difficult business environment tools. Using the full potential of a company supported by young, honest and innovative people to procure tangible benefits in the short, medium and long term in their supply chain and transaction control. Compras Outsourcing is a network of buyers and suppliers specializing in different categories of purchases and service contracts proposing a new system of management, Outsourcing in the Purchasing Department. This way your company centralized in a single supplier procurement processes of its items and services for business; allowing focus their resources on doing good business instead of simply managing purchases. Our mission is to be the external purchasing department of our clients; achieve results through the operation of their purchases and support in decisions of high value for our customers. Our vision is to form a synergistic partner community where their individual volumes contribute to the sum of a more competitive to achieve better business with our suppliers volume. We aim to provide a service with the highest quality to our customers. We are an integral part of its administrative and technological processes, so that through a constant virtual communication we remain attentive to satisfy all your changing needs and committed to give them added value. Our processes are based on the Quality System in Continuous Improvement and ongoing training of our staff.

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External Department of Purchasing and Supply Chain
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