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color coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheet

color coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheet

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color coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheet
FOB Price:
US $ 3 - 5 / Meter | Get Latest Price

Min.Order Quantity:
10 Metric Ton/Metric Tons

Supply Ability:
3000 Ton/Tons per Month


Payment Terms:
Place of Origin: Shandong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Wisdom
Model Number: YX25-210-840
Material: Color Steel
Effect Width: 840mm
feeding width: 1000mm
Color available: red, blue, white-gray etc.
Thickness: 0.25-0.8mm
corrugated wall panel
1. easy installation
2. high strength
3. long-term durability and versatility
4. reasonable design
1. Excellent waterproof performance

2. The edge of the sheet is seamed. If the slope of the house is more than 4%, our corrugated steel sheet can endure poor weather condition without water leakage.
3. It can be bonded to various thermal insulating materials and non-thermal insulating materials. Its length can be determined as per personal needs. To eliminate the possibility of leaking rain, overlap lengthways is avoided.
4. Materials as prepainted steel sheets, galvanized steel sheets, galvalume (Al-Zn coated sheets) are available to make corrugated sheet.
5. Handsome appearance and excellent anticorrosion performance. It is fixed with fastening screw so it can endure the impact of hot expansion.

6. Uses: Widely used in roofing, wall decoration and interior or exterior decorative material.
7. Wisdom has more than 30 digital controlled forming machines for corrugated steel sheets. A large variety of specifications and colors are available.

8. Specification:

YX80-475(U-475), YX51-395-790, YX34-410-820, YX51-380-760, YX25-205-820(1025),YX35-125-750(V-125), YX35-247.5-990, YX25-210-840, YX14-65-825, HV-373, YX28-207-828, YX15-225-900, YX4-102-918(1122), YX10-125-875, YX12-110-880(V-110), YX48-200-600, YX76-344-688, YX51-240-720

About the company

building material

Activity: steel products and manufactures steel materials

Wiskind Group professionally supplies steel products and manufactures steel materials .And Steel Prefabricated House is patent product. Wiskind designs and manufactures different types Villas, Temporary houses,sheds, container house,Shelters, exported world widely.we also product Prepainted galvanized corrugated steel sheets,flooring constuction materials,Galvanized Ribbed Steel Floor Decking Sheet,PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel,EPS/XPS Sandwich Panel,Rock Wool/ Glass Wool Sandwich Panel.Customer satisfaction is our everlasting pursuit, we will strive to be your best supplier. I you need our company's product,just call me.Our compny's internet web adress is My telephone number is 15762130752. My Skype is davis.liu520 My e-mail is No.800,XingBo five Road,BoXing Economic Development Zone,ShanDong Province,china 1.YX28-207-828 Sheet Special design, excellent appearance and high strength. It gives people a third dimension viewing. Noble Roof. 2.YX35-247.5-990 Sheet High waves, more strengthened, large wave span, good balance of draining. It can be used on large span roof. 3.YX25-205-820/1025 Sheets Most popular shape, elegant, dignity, many people would like to adopt it as roof and wall. 4.Wave Type sheet Much normal shape in our life, low cost, easier installation, could curve itself, they are widely used on Roof and Wall. Effective width can be 825,836, 870.895,900. 5.Decking Floor (688,720) Decking Floor has good ability of bearing, high strength. They are normally used for supporting multiple floor buildings, and fences. 6.EPS/XPS Sandwich Panel EPS as insulation, use the excellent insulating properties of EPS, derived from its microcellular closed cell construction, provide one of its most important and used properties widely. 7.Rock Wool/ Glass Wool Sandwich Panel With rock wool and glass wool as core material, and preprinted steel as facing material, sandwich panels are made by the process of continuous roll forming and high strength gluing. The fireproofing property is very excellent. 8.PUR/PIR Sandwich Panel Polyurethane hard foaming material is recognized as the best thermal protecting material in the world and it is characteristic of low heat conductivity coefficient, good load-bearing performance, and high strength against bending. 9.Steel Structure Project We are professional supplier for different steel structure building. Our professional depends on our strong ability of design, manufacturing and service. We could accept turn-key order for steel structure and give you all services in one stop. 10.GI/PPGI coils Wiskind could supply GI, PPGI, Aluzinc (Zinclume)Coils. Thickness range: 0.14mm-1.5mm; Width: 1000mm/1100mm/1200/1219mm/1220mm/1250mm. Zinc layer: z80g, z100g, z120g, z150g, z180g, AZ150 or as per your request.

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color coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheetcolor coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheetcolor coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheetcolor coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheetcolor coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheetcolor coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheetcolor coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheetcolor coated steel sheet corrugated roofing sheet
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