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Brazilian Keratin & Hair Treatments

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Our products are completely legal in the European Union(CE) and F.D.A.(U.S.A.)having no toxic ingredients and 100% formaldehyde free. This is the best option to have a brilliant shiny hair. Therefore offering a smooth and frizz free radiance to the hair. This product is applicable for any kind of hair type.
The best features involve:
Up to 90% hair smoothness
A lasting effect of hair treatment for up to 4 months min.
Completely legal in European Union and 100% Formaldehyde free
No existence of toxic ingredients
Offers deep hair penetration with brilliant shine.
Same Day Result -Wash and Straight
No Fumes No tears No Itchy Eyes No need for Ventilation No Fading

The one and only hair treatment that is non toxic, and made will all APPROVED ingredients by CE and FDA.
NOT TOXIC FORMALDEHYDE Free 100% Safe,Healthy and Natural 100% Effective Tannin Therapy
We are proud to introduce our new and innovative way to treat and straighten your hair.
This natural and non toxic treatment will not only eliminate frizz, it will also restore your damaged hair.
Our approved formula is enriched with Protein, vitamin B5, keratin complex and many other
natural ingredients. The active ingredients in our treatment are all natural and not toxic,
you will be able to apply the treatment with no gloves or mask. Unlike toxic keratin treatments that
burn your eyes and are fatal to breath, our treatment is completely Natural with all approved ingredients.
Revolutionary Keratin System free from Formaldehyde with moisturizing properties from Cupuacu,natural silicon protector
from Murumuru and natural hair defender from dandruff,oily hair,acts against hair loss and has a high nourishing power
from Mutamba trees rich in antioxidant and Tannin(Tannic Acid).

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Brazilian Keratin & Hair TreatmentsBrazilian Keratin & Hair TreatmentsBrazilian Keratin & Hair TreatmentsBrazilian Keratin & Hair Treatments
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