Category: Food

We are focused in China – Africa bilateral trade, mainly in tech ítems, so Aeroponic Systems (also Middle East – Africa in this), Fresh veggies (China – Africa, and USA – Africa), or Fresh cargo (Russia – Africa) are some examples in this “agro – eco - tech – industry” (a balance between reasonable agro technologies vs. reasonable ecological and local agro fresh products)

But not only in China – Africa, or about these tech products but all products and all countries, for ex,: any African person can export their agro products to the rest of the world.

Furthermore, not only exporting your products, but also their ideas, as your (good) ideas suppose money (via sharing business spaces or via participating in an Agro APP based in your idea and developed in Sylodium, as we protect and guarantee your ideas, in Sylodium’s Forum)

See our idea Agroships.