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how we could use the internet of things if there isn’t order of the things?

Surprise, after Agricultural revolution, industrial revolution, technological revolution

the Clock Turn

Language revolution, very simple, just common sense, the basic system, to order business in Internet, basic order, essential order, fundamental order, that we represent, is that to say, the order too of

"Internet of things" for BLOGGERS, visionaries, new entrepreneurs

If we want that the chip in the lettuce works, the lettuce has to be inside a system where actors, places, products and lettuces for what, when, and how, are perfectly ordered, if not, the chip is only for your dinner and for your neighbour’s dinner.

But if in a little village of only 50 inhabitants, the chip of the lettuce inform about its situation and its state, while the computers conneceted, inform us about where there is lack of lettuces in that situation and state closer, then, that is Sylodium system, the coming Language business when the spread is already happening.

Endless ramifications

Amazing circuits only with 3 categories (the same in places and actors interwoven)

specially for international SME's (more small ones than medium) and people starting an import export business, new visionaries, new entrepreneurs...

imagine with thousands of business, key words, and cities...But always always, you are in the place you have chosen, in the place where you can be found, as the system is ordered in the right way. So we can be found by thousands and different places, but related places. 

Laser (needs led) – LED – Agroships (needs LED)

agroships (needs laser) – laser – LED (need laser)

laser (need agroships?) – agroships – LED (need agroships?)

laser – 3D printer – Mobile

Mobile – Laser – 3D Printer

laser – mobile – 3D printer

App – Mobile – AI

AI -   App – Mobile

Mobile – AI – App….etc etc


Right now,


medical, psychological consultations, Image advice, fashion, style, can be done online, wedding in India before go to India to marry,

Or things we don’t have any idea, ideas from the new social class, a class with much knowledge and common sense, but with not so good work,

not exactly (but close) to those intelligent but isolated people not happy with their work

we speak about people with fast heads (brains), that deserve a niche of power and proportional money by themselves.