Beneficial circuit business. Agroships

Beneficial circuit business. Agroships


Agro Navigating Farm.

A revolutionary new system: Agroships, via barges that while sail the route (Egypt, Israel, and/or Jordan –to UAE) cultive lettuces, strawberries, saffron…

This system save the fast transport and the product arrives completely fresh to the destined, UAE in this starting case (more than by plane)

The agro system inside the barge, is the vertical aeroponic system. with LED lighting to grow the plants.

This Project envolves several countries, and some optional routes (depending the farmers who join the Franchising)

About financing,

equipment is analyzing several ways that can be tested using Sylodium’s crossing System. company to banking (looking for Venture capital company or Project finance)

company to banking (looking for Venture capital company or Project finance)

company to institutions (looking for Subsidies from institutions)

even from company to general public or to experts or to another companies (looking for Shipowner)

and in the rest of proposals, the actors are

company to company (looking for Aerofarms and looking for barges, and for Desalination plant, and for LED for growing the plants)

or company to dealers in the same cases.

About proposals to the actors (via Sylodium System, hiring the plan to be the owner of several niches in the same URL!!!!, is that to say, the owner in Internet of these crossings, with their concrete matters)

For example,

Is important, as this patent involve several countries, to establish a kind or web of societies to avoid the more taxes as possible, Markmarine has hired several target countries in Sylodium (see the URLs) looking for legal firms to organize taxes avoidance. The countries are Luxemburg, Andorra, and Liechtenstein

the matter: tax avoindance


Madrid – Luxembourg- etc

Another niches

about who could adapt barges to the new system,

matter: shipbuilding


Madrid – Bilbao Shipbuilding

Madrid – Valencia Shipbuilding

Madrid – Barcelona Shipbuilding

Madrid – Haiphong Shipbuilding

Madrid – Busan   Shipbuilding

Madrid – Dalian Shipbuilding

In Spain about looking for consulting business and naval engineer

Madrid – Madrid (in Spanish) looking for naval engineer.

Madrid – Valencia shipping /business / consulting

Madrid – Barcelona shipping /business / consulting

Another niche

About looking for farmers franchisees

Madrid – Suez Farmers/Franchising

Madrid - Aqaba…. Farmers/ Franchising

Madrid – Eilat Farmers /Franchising

Madrid – Manama Farmers / Franchising

Madrid – Kish Farmers / Franchising


Another niche

matter: aeroponic system


Madrid – Almería, Aeroponics / system

Madrid – New York Aeroponics / system etc


Another niche


Aqaba - Dubai   (fresh lettuces route)

Eilat – Dubai   (fresh lettuces route)

Manama – Dubai (fresh lettuces route)

Kish – Dubai (fresh lettuces route) 

And finally, another plus option, is this one, you can design especific routes to advertise in them, we just Join 2 cities, as if it was 1 city, another 2, and crossing both (double cities), you have the route

look at this URL.

THis is more important that surely you can notice at first sight,

As you become the owner of these niches in Internet easily, just publishing from time to time, you are the owner of this route in Internet!!!