China - Africa Laser Trade. Build your App

China - Africa Laser Trade. Build your App

LaserTrade is the platform of Laser Business from China to Africa

For companies, design your own APP inside Sylodium's system.

LaserTrade is an appendix of Sylodium, when we are browsing in Sylodium, you surely don't pay attention to the URLs and metas, but in the relationship of China with AFrican countries, the URls and metas are focused towards Laser Trade.

This appendix we have created for one of our clients. But if you would like to bulid your own appendix (mobile APP) inside Sylodium, about any matter, from USA to Africa about Artificial Inteligence, from Colombia to Nigeria about 3D Printing, from Spain to Morocco about Industry 4.0, etc etc, Any relationship you would like, we can build your appendix so you will dominate the business you choose in the whole Internet to bring later your proposals to life. 

Sylodium is the general matrix of LaserTrade (and other appendixes) if we are browsing in LaserTrade.

For bloggers, agents, and collaborators. 

Do you want to manage our laser Trade pages From China to Africa? 

You manage all the pages related, you win the money

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You can create your own Appendix linked to Sylodium,

taking advantage of our system, to feed each other, your Appendix feeds Sylodium, Sylodium feeds your Apppendix.


You can create your own Web inside our Web via our Crossing System.

contact us here to explain you the best options for your case. 

Is not a big business being the most powerful platform of VoIP (Asia – Africa) services, or global luxury tourism (Oceania – Africa), or Forex Trading (USA – EU)….

Our crossing system allows you to become the most powerful platform of many specific matters with not too much effort, and in not too much time.

What do you offer to your users with your specific Appendix?

Unique SEO circuit business: be the owners of relevant niches in the global world.

is not a big business for laser business, being in first position in the market of Laser Pointers from Mumbai to Dubai, to New York and to New Delhi (for ex.)

Unless be the owner of this virtual store, he won’t be in first position.

wwwMumbai/Dubai/ Laser/

wwwMumbai/NewYork/ Laser/

wwwMumbai/NewDelhi/ Laser/

as the kid that comes or goes forever in a family

as a synthesis of a dialectic

or as the Internet broke the way of the communication in the world

there is moment that some things break the expectatives, in all.

Sylodium has been made for all kind of small business or for people starting an import export business, but we never control the things happenning, we never imagine that consolidated companies of Laser, or in green energy business, or LED products, would use our services in our beginnings.

This situation, has obliged us to pay special attention to light, LED, and Laser business (in fact, laser Green pointer is, metaphorically, part of our essence), 

We have included in our URL, the world laser en China related with all African countries

see for example China close Shanghai - Tanzania, you can see the word Laser include in the URL,, close Shanghai-Tanzania-261_81

But if you are in Laser pointers business, you could go beyond this niche,

for example, you could hire a plan much more specific, (the more specific, easier to defend versus competitors) as


plus crossing actors

(From companies to general public, if you sell online, for ex.)

wwwMumbai/Dubai/ Laser/Green/

From companies to public


from companies to companies

www-RiodeJaneiro/Shanghai/Export/ Laser/Green/

from companies to dealers

www-RiodeJaneiro/Tokyo/Trading/ Laser/Green/…..….

from freelance to experts

 www-Qingdao/Berlin/Export/ Laser/Green/

from freelance to freelance

www-Qingdao/NewYork/Export/ Laser/Green/

from companies to experts

www-Qingdao/Tokyo/Trading/ Laser/Green/…..….

from companies to 

Speaking about dialectic, In all matters, there are differentiations, and sometimes the differentiations become so strong, that it breaks the matter into pieces, and a new affair begins

In Sylodium, Laser business are differentiating from the rest of Sylodium business, togther with our recent partners of agroship patent business and its circuit business)

in how many business is involved Laser technology?

Telecommunications: optical communications (fiber optics), Radio Over Fiber ....

Medicine: bloodless operations, surgical treatments, wound healing, kidney stone treatments, eye operations, dental operations ...

Industry: cutting, guided machinery, robot guidance, distance measurements ...

Defense: Guided ballistic missiles, alternative to radar, blind enemy troops, white destroyer ....

Civil engineering: tunneling machine guidance (in tunnels), topography: distance measurements in inaccessible places, digital terrain model (TDM).

Architecture: heritage cataloging.

Archaeological: documentation.

Research: spectroscopy, laser interferometry, LIDAR, distanciometry.

Commercial products: laser printers, CD's, optical mice, bar code readers, laser pointers, thermometers, holograms, entertainment lighting ....

Cosmetic treatments and cosmetic surgery: Acne, cellulite, stretch marks, hair removal ....

As Sylodium, is involved mainly in high tech and R&D SME’s business, is frequent that via Sylodium, many of these business related with Laser technology, interwove with most of our target business.

Facilitate the interaction of All these Laser business around the world is our first goal,

after the spreading of this, we will introduce other general sectors, VoIP, Tourism, Forex, and Games,

Imagine the advatanges of our system to order these different matters:

Laser manufacturing

Laser sale

Manufacture laser printer

Sell laser printer

Make laser printer toner

Sell laser printer toner etc etc,

Do you imagine how many business are involved and interwoven in just one of them.

How many webs inside webs, are happening without noticing?

In the crossing system lives the virtual business,

who becomes late to the crossing system, will be out of virtual (is that to say, real) global business