International business games

International business games

For bloggers

Do you want to manage Games Industry Pages? 

You manage the blog, you win the money

contact us here

For Institutions

Are you in bilateral trade between any former Soviet country with any African country? You will have to count with us as we are occupying due to our crossing system all the bilateral trade relations of Russia and former Soviet countries related with African countries, African regions, and whole Africa in Internet. 

Are you in any Association, Platform or Institution of Games or Marine Industry targeting Africa?

Contact us for synergies.

For companies

Make business in all bilateral trades. Specially from "Russian countries" to Africa related with Games and videogames Industry and Reefer Marine and Reefer Shipping business from Russia to Africa.

Due to our system and the URLs, metas, and contents in Russian - African crossings, these business take huge advantage in Internet to be in TOP positions, with not virtual competitors. 

For public

International business game, 

The winner 3.000 dolllars and many other rewards

Among Management games, the one with more Prizes

Among War Trade games the one with more Rewards

Strategy game but with money

Is one of the International fun online games,

but the only one you can opt to get a job