All networkings via gamification of China – Africa trade.

1 Our gamification of the essence of the business, means that all networkings are possible.

2 The correct order, the natural and real business order, guarantees a correct (natural) business language.

3 Our new business language, will allow not only the representation of real business online, but also will allow the reproduction of a new kind of business.

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Ideas about OBOR to Africa via gamification?

OBOR Implications for Connectivity and Regional Trade for 2030

Key Features

• To provide an overview of the China's OBOR initiative and identify the measures undertaken by governments to improve freight transportation efficiency and reduce logistics costs

• To provide an in-depth analysis on the development of economic corridors and analyze the role of transportation and logistics sector in driving growth

• To provide a holistic view on how the trade is expected to transform as a result of infrastructure developments, cross-border eCommerce growth, and development of economic zones

• To assess the expected changes in China's trade with the Silk Road participating nations by 2030 and provide implications for the overall logistics growth in these regions

• To analyze the industry segments that would pop up along the routes and identify the potential opportunities for the logistics participants


you can create your own circuit, or route inside sylodium’s system as china – Nigeria Smart Shipping, Beijing – Valencia - Luanda Smart Shipping business, Hong Kong – Manila – Djibouti trade routes, Shanghai –Nairobi – Cape Town - Lagos cybernetics global, Ningbo – Manila - Cape Town Shipping IoT/IIoT, Chinese ports – Latin ports - Nigerian ports. coordinated routes 4.0 

How complex are ties between China and Africa?

Critics have focused on debt as diminishing African agency. What they’ve ignored are the significant financial and reputational risks to China.

Secondly, African agency is diffused across various levels and among various actors. Any analysis of African agency has to consider the complex interactions between continental bodies like the AU, regional economic blocs, national governments, civil society, business, and local communities. Each plays a role in shaping African decision making in relation to China. Partnerships that cut across the state-business-civil society divide are as important as state led initiatives in articulating policy initiatives in relation to China.

Thirdly, it’s important to think of the changing terms of agency as African governments face growing debt burdens via such initiatives as the BRI. For instance, rumours that the Zambian government offered its national electricity supplier as collateral in exchange for a new tranche of Chinese loans have reportedly caused political division at home.

This suggests there is a shift from declarations of intent to more specific engagement towards industrialisation. This doesn’t necessarily guarantee the success of Africa’s industrialisation. But it shows that China responds to African agenda-setting.

Gamification 4.0?

The booming business opportunity for online gambling merchants

Putting gaming with the blockchain in a successful way represents a huge leap forward in the industry for a variety of reasons:

  • It creates a more tangible way for the public to discuss and digest the blockchain rather than, say, digitized medical records.
  • It opens the door for more developers using the platform creatively.
  • It pushes the technology further, as entertainment often does.

REXIOLOGY about Gamification of global Trade 4.0

X (Ontology Axis)

x1 Rational interweaving. X2 3 heights, 3 positions. X3 Business, games. X4 business explosion. X5 All networks are possible


Y1 Planes, crosses, parts, species, individuals. Y2 Hierarchy, natural order. Y3 Within the margin of y2, Imagination. Y4 New Business Language. Y5 new virtual economy

Z (Potentiality Axis)

Z1 Reproduction of our new virtual business in real life. Z2 (Gender, species, individual) crossing with (Trhead, tissue, stroma). Z3 Relationships, words, subjects. Z4 Game of UNOS. Z5 Barter, Currency, Ticket, Cryptocurrency

Win-win cooperation and jointly building a China-Africa community with a shared future

China and Africa share mutual complementarities and could be each other’s opportunities. China and Africa have always been a community with a shared future. The 21st century is not only the century of China and Asia, but also the century of a rapidly rising Africa. Africa boasts rich natural and human resources, and great potential for development.

China and Africa share mutual needs and complementarities, and face a rare historic opportunity to synergise development strategies.

The common market and integration of Africa is gaining new momentum. As the world’s second- largest economy and the largest manufacturing country, China has comparative advantages and successful development experience in capital, technology, market, and human resources. More importantly, China has a strong political commitment to helping Africa achieve independent and sustainable development, and to break through the three development bottlenecks, namely inadequate infrastructure, lack of professional and skilled personnel, and a shortage of financial resources. Besides, China is also willing to support Africa overcome challenges of governance, security environment, mindset on market economy and self-sustainable development.

Finally trading 4.0 via Gamification?

How Leaders Can Utilize Gamification To Level Up Engagement

How To Implement Gamification In Your Office

You can start implementing gamification techniques with nothing more than a whiteboard or, for a distributed team, an Excel spreadsheet. That’s how I got started with gamification many years ago when I was working on a retail sales team that was struggling to stay motivated.

As a last-ditch effort to engage our team, we created a game that assigned points to sales and we tracked this in an Excel spreadsheet. This simple act was the first step to making work fun again. As the team transformed more of our sales goals into games and contests, we steadily improved our performance.

build your own niche where you can lead business towards companies.

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China - Africa, you can be part of our REVOLUTIONARY CRYPTOCURRENCY:

The UNO to build your own BCB (beneficial circuit business) from China to Africa about ítems related with Industry 4.0 and their linked Laser, LED, and 3D techs.

Millennials are totally comfortable with technology, and research has shown that they crave variety in media and are born multitaskers, so they can't just sit and listen to a talking head, the way earlier generations used to.

A Generation of Gamers

Millennials and later generations were born into a digital world. (These days, by the time the average American has turned 21, they've spent 6,000 to 9,000 hours playing video games, but only about 2,000 hours reading books). They've been fed on video games, and it means they learn and play differently from older generations.

Training games use techniques from the game world like rewards, points, badges, frequent feedback, progression through many levels, etc., to make training more effective by making learning more fun.

Intuitively, it makes sense for training programs to use games, since Millennial brains are already working that way. The "gamification of training" means using game design techniques in a non-game situation to engage users and reinforce a specific skill or concept.

In Sylodium: our new Language: Logometry, for computers, via Heminemetics, Critaxis, and Rexiology is currently the unique way for a real global AI and IIoT-IoT global match.

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