Business plan 4.0 for Africa.

Are you a visionary about Africa 4.0?

We have a plan,

1 Master of China - Africa 4.0 on the Internet

2 Master the trade China - Africa on the Internet

3 Leading Asia, America, Europe - Africa 4.0

4 Leading all bilateral trade

We have a strategy,

Convince and reach out to people to heal agreements and businesses

what we ask for as we offer

vehemence but tranquility

conviction but flexibility

security but opening

suggestion with freedom of action within a margin, here yes, the margin is rigid.

And what is the margin?

Always acting within margin, not in its limits, for example, neither charity nor exploitation, but business in proportion; neither revolutionary technology, nor stupid technology (many times they agree, they sell us the stupid tech as if it were revolutionary) but useful technology, or at least, reasonable.

move in the middle and medium term (the revolutionary margin is already defined by us)

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We need people with aggressive patience, reasonable will to power, carefree generosity, cold blood in a burning heart and hard skin in an extreme sensitivity, This kind of people make more differences than people with culture, sacrifice, intelligence and solidarity (most of times, is trumpet’s solidarity)

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We are not only worth the sharpness or brilliance, we also ask for some depth

The future of All bilateral trade, plus AI software and Gamification-IIoT platform is in our hands.

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Traditional training methods don’t work for various reasons discussed, to overcome them, you or your training provider need to create training content that is specific to your salespeople’s needs

We gamified for users, workers and clients 


Gaming technology company Nazara Technologies Ltd is looking to enter the ‘real money’ gaming market by setting up a new entity in Kenya.

It’s a buzzword at the moment, that’s for sure. Ask any strategy guru for what the next big thing could be for a company and gamification will come up several times. But when you go past the buzzword, what is gamification, what does it really mean, and what is the true potential in our daily lives? As a born-and-raised gamer myself, I can go on about this for weeks. But to do it justice, I need to refer to and give credit to the godfather of gamification himself, Yu-Kai Chou. He developed the system called Octalysis. If this is new to you, it’s most worthwhile checking out his groundbreaking Ted Talk where he reveals his vision to the world. 


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The new entity, called NZWorld Kenya Ltd (NZWorld), will be a subsidiary of Nazara India, with the company holding a 70 per cent stake. The rest will be held by a local partner in Kenya.

Agarwal said the plan is to also tap markets such as Cameroon, Nigeria and Ghana, among others on the continent, where there are clear regulations and a legal framework around such gaming licenses.

Africa 4.0.

Ivory coast has embarked on an ambitious 5-year plan for the Cashew sector. Cashew nut production has double in the last five years to now reach 22% of the global out put.

The Central African Republic has received the support of the African Development Bank (AfDB) for the development of fiber-optic.

South Africa's cities hold key to Ramaphosa's land plan.

We have a land plan, the virtual plan to own in the whole internet.

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Keep going with SA’s plan, if President Cyril Ramaphosa, can keep his promise to redistribute land to the poor, Mapara is confident the new man can lead the ruling party to victory in next year's parliamentary election. 

China- Africa 4.0. 

China’s ‘Belt and Road’ opens up new business in Africa — for both the U.S. and China

There has been no shortage of headlines proclaiming China’s growing clout in a “new world order” in recent months. This speculation resurfaced after the July G-20 summit, at which the United States reconfirmed its withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, and the May 2017 summit of the Belt and Road, China’s $1 trillion global plan for infrastructure projects and trade deals connecting Africa, Asia and Europe. This project aims to span 68 countries, linking China’s people and markets to regions far beyond its borders.

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Our data at the China-Africa Research Initiative — collected from official websites of central banks, ministries of finance and Chinese contractors, and cross-checked through interviews with Chinese and African officials — reveals that China’s economic needs, rather than any set political agenda, drives Beijing’s activities in developing African countries. 

Business Plan 4.0 related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Aren’t you there yet? 

Fiat Chrysler unveils plan to make more electrified cars

Italy -- In his last major presentation as CEO of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne announced a big investment push to make more electrified cars, while acknowledging that traditional engines will continue to dominate production.

Unveiling the company's plans through 2022, long after his planned retirement next year, Marchionne said Fiat Chrysler will invest 9 billion euros ($10.5 billion) as it tries to catch up in the market for gas-electric hybrids and fully electric vehicles, without forsaking a core market that still wants internal combustion engines.

MAHB allocates RM30m for Airports 4.0 initiative

SEPANG: Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) has allocated RM30 million to implement the Airports 4.0 digital initiative by making digital interaction with passengers a priority.

Its managing director Datuk Badlisham Ghazali said the allocation involved the integration of Big Data Analytics (BDA), aimed at raising the level of service as one of the initiatives under the Total Airport Experience (TAE) pillar.

In Sylodium, the IIoT and Globa trade are linked here in Sylodium via Heminemetics, Logometry, and Rexiology will do it in the unique way can be do it in a global sense.

Make business with Chinese companies with African countries but about "Reasonable BUSINESS PLAN 4.0" not stupid tech PHILOSOPHY .