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China’s Naturally Triangular Trade

One last point: there isn’t yet much evidence the much discussed “front-loading” of China’s exports is having a major impact on China's export numbers, though it has impacted the data for some particular products.

A major distortion—like the over-invoicing of exports to Hong Kong back in 2013, or the soybean surge in q2 in the United States—usually shows up cleanly in the overall data, not just the data for particular products. I don't yet see that. Right now China's overall exports to the United States are growing at pretty much the same pace as they were earlier in the year, so the "pull forward" effect is only apparently relative to a counterfactual where Chinese exports to the United States would otherwise be falling.****

I will take services trade a bit more seriously when it is measured a bit better, and a bit more consistently—and when the services data isn’t obviously distorted by global firms tax strategies! China’s tourism import surge all came, by the way, back in 2014, when China changed how it measured tourism imports (there was no real change in the pattern of actual growth in the number of tourists then). Actual tourism growth looks to have slowed a bit, but to see that, you really now need to look at the data on actual tourists. As much as a third of measured tourism imports could represent capital outflows.

Explain the context of China’s heightened media coverage of U.S.-China-Israel relations.

Recently, an increasing number of articles focused on American displeasure over the close Israel-China ties and the resulting Chinese access to cutting-edge Israeli technology. U.S. officials also voiced concerns over Chinese investment in strategic infrastructure assets in Israel, especially in the new Haifa container terminal.

The avalanche of commentary came against the backdrop of the deterioration of U.S.-China ties, in which the arrest of senior Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou was but the latest salvo. From China’s military facility in Djibouti to investments in ports in Europe, the U.S. is concerned with the growing global Chinese presence.

Israel Balancing US-China Relations: Geostrategic Context 

Chinese investment and construction activities present distinct concerns, although one general issue underlies both types of worries  ̶  the nature of ties between Chinese companies operating in Israel and the Chinese government, armed forces, or military entities. Any large Chinese company likely has links to the government and is expected to cooperate with its security and intelligence apparatus. The primary concern regarding investment relates to Chinese ownership of companies that might possess sensitive technology or data, while concerns over construction center on the use of infrastructure projects to further Chinese foreign policy goals. Chinese investment and construction activity in Israel could lead to transfers of military or dual-use technologies to China, threats to Israeli intellectual property and potentially to the competitive advantage of Israel’s tech companies, and surveillance opportunities and threats to consumer data privacy. 

Israel Balancing US-China Relations: Geostrategic Context

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IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

Of the mystical letters with which we begin the Law.

Of the procession of the divine people with their 32 paths of wisdom and their 50 doors of intelligence and logical functors.

Of the Hebrew verbs that mean to believe, to divide and to create.

From the green line that circulates to the Universe without touching the Incircumscribed by far.

Of the 6 extremities and the 7 parts or arms of the world with as many skies as lands cracked by the 10 garments placed between the first and the last light.

From the upper waters to each center of the universe in the fire of plants and animals set on the moonlight and its phases.

From the multitude of angels without orders.

From Leviathan.

From the image of God in Man.

Sabbath rest in the spontaneous seed of the field.

Steam that lit the earth and irrigated every secret garden to catch fire in paradise of love.

Of rivers and trees without prohibition, whether walnut, grapevine, or olive tree, it doesn't matter.

Of the names put forever on things as if they were ours.

Of the serpent, the heavenly Jerusalem, and of Adam's dream.

Of all this, and many other things, all with an end and end, the Zohar speaks, trying to hide that Christ fulfilled each and every one of his Kabbalah beans, for which we could not, move away from aesthetics, without faith.


Gorgias took 5,000 infantry men and 1,000 on horseback.

Eliazar told him: "One day a merchant will come who ..."

Discipline in language, there is inappropriate rebuke:

Pilgrimage song, he said, repeated Eliazar: "One day ..."

He replied: "I have done all that since I was a child"

Literary rambling that could be called, legend of the letters.

How good wisdom feels to the elders.

God is told in the Zohar, cause of the causes as a channel that leaves a river

the wise make love with his words

and they turned to Christ Jesus, pray for us.

Light waves are a very small part among electromagnetic waves.

And if this were not so, how could we apply logic?

Also towards the light and towards life, another miracle of spring.

Of their nests and broom: at all and among the branches

That is not true, do not be like children boys, that you do things without faith, like a clock.

No drop of poetry, no law to any.

And how to die we didn't want

Night came, after day.

It's a different picture, but we still want to see that picture.

You love what you want, but you only pray to God.

So everyone said, Tales, Aristotle or Zeno.


Spotted smile and laughter burning on the ice of the wind of the first snows with the grace of the dance of your small and white members of pragmatic heart and inhuman causal obcecation.


in front of your beautiful friend

Make the ball fall in the lady's garden, as God commands.

Since this form can no longer be done in another way and matter.

You are already seeing it.

And the law, the light, they already sing, among the whole,

And nowhere


Industry 4.0' ignites change in African’s motor Industry

Sub-Saharan Africa to stay on recovery path, rate cuts on the horizon

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Sub-Saharan Africa will stay on its recovery path next year provided heavyweight economies punch better, a Reuters poll found, but it will still grow below potential for a part of the world with a growing population.

Workers arrange bags containing cocoa beans at a cocoa processing factory in Ile-Oluji village in Ondo state, southwest Nigeria March 30, 2016.

A poll of 15 analysts and economists taken this week showed Nigeria, Africa’s biggest economy, would grow 2.6% next year and Kenya would grow 5.8%. In both cases this is 0.2 percentage points slower than thought in April.