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Gamification has been defined as using aspects of game design in non-game situations. This can mean including elements such as badges, lives, levels or leader boards. Gamification is becoming increasingly popular in education, with the market awash with apps and websites for education professionals to use 

Gamification in learning: A boon for engagement and team building.

Long before gamification came to e-learning, businesses were using its basic tenets to motivate workers. Employee-of-the-month awards, incentives to meet sales goals and rewards for those who meet milestones are all based on gamification

What you can do “from and for” yourself and your African country via gamification? 

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Bitcoin was all the rage. The value of Bitcoin soared to record heights before a humbling descent towards more stable prices. Then there was Ethereum. Then Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and a host of other crypto currency offerings. Enter CryptoWorld, yet another offering that hopes to differentiate itself from the crowd via advancements made in blockchain technology and currency trading gamification.

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Please, we bet for win win in proportion businesses with African, noth charity.

Aid agencies worry that public sympathy is in short supply.

is not this normal?

Is not only the public fatigue with long and apparently intractable wars mounts and news coverage drops away, popular pressure for action and donations tends to dry up, si that is not the way to help, the way is the business not the charity. The case is that aid organizations are coming up with new ways to cut through the ennui. Critics say some are cheesy and awkward, at worst exploitative: gamification of actual warfare, its victims and humanitarianism?

What do yo think?

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The Future of Jobs in the World 4.0?

Can learners really benefit from gamification?

What organisations know about gamification?

Employers are using gamification to engage employees in many ways, Bhuta said. "For example, gamification is used to onboard new employees, for team building, for product and sales training as well as events."

Online tools can save time and money?

Online training is standardised, and more accessible to their learners?

Gamification has been recognised as improving learner motivation and productivity?

What about customers?

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Top Ten Gamified Productivity Apps that will Boost your Life? Really?

Tell us the more stupid ones, we show you 3.

1 task completion to be fun? Habitica certainly thinks so. Writing to-do lists is the common advice given when we feel overwhelmed by the things we have to do

2 Doable is another app that offers a much more fun and engaging way to get things done and track your progress. Game mechanics are relatively minimal but this tool can be a helpful companion for deadline-driven situations.

Doable prioritizes your tasks to focus on those that you might be late on. 

3 Super Better, an app designed by game design expert, Jane McGonigal, aims to help people conquer bad habits and make the process less painful.

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ASIA, USA – AFRICA gamification.

How to export some models to African businesses:

For ex.

Uber has charged on with its strong global play and deep pockets. Its Asian rivals, at the same time, were also flexing their muscles, giving customers distinct experiences that demonstrated a high degree of localisation due to a deeper understanding of local cultures.

US-based Duolingo has rooted itself firmly within the app environment, using gamification to help learners achieve their goals

Duolingo is doing some things really well, which is to make the language learning process a fun game. Their gamification stuff has been really solid

Launched in 2015, Debut connects young talent with leading employers and has already been adopted by 50 employers including Rolls-Royce, EY, Microsoft, General Electric and L’Oreal. Debut works on a similar basis to Sqore in that it uses gamification on its app, enabling users to play games, win internships and also receive “Talent Spots”, which means employers can get in touch directly with a user profile they are interested in.

The companies, to help driver partners adapt to the technology, also focused on local languages, voice-based commands and increased gamification

Using game mechanics such as earning points and levelling up, he argues, provides learners with feedback and makes them feel good, while also quantifying progress and incentivising further goals.

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TapOff is Cape Town’s prettiest water saving gamification app

The goal is to inspire people to take action to save more water 

Dubbed TapOff, the Android and iOS app aids users by summarising important water crisis information, as well as gamifying water saving.

Everybody is in FOURTH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION ,what about matching IoT with IIoT via your own TECH APP between China and/or Middle East with your African country?

Our research shows that first movers are transforming into digital enterprises. Industrial companies need to act now to secure a leading position in tomorrow’s complex industrial ecosystems.

What you need to lead in the Industry 4.0

being a follower or being a leader?

Gamification works because it’s geared toward the learner, says Vanessa Myers, senior product manager for skills at Cengage. “On the trade’s side, gamification is becoming a prerequisite for e-learning as the demographics [shift] to a younger, more diverse group of workers

The future of coaching in a world of Artificial Intelligence?

They say thye connected through voice-only platforms for one-on-one coaching, group coaching, gamification initiatives and webinars. I created amazing relationships and found a new appreciation of the power of intimacy of the human voice. I also realised how education and learning have become mobile, and that there are fantastic benefits offered by the virtual classroom where diverse people are innately equal.

Is this credible?

Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens

It is a method of social control dressed up in some points-reward system. It's gamified obedience.

the government's Social Credit System is basically a big data gamified version of the Communist Party's surveillance methods The new system reflects a cunning paradigm shift, instead of trying to enforce stability or conformity with a big stick and a good dose of top-down fear, the government is attempting to make obedience feel like gaming.

Diamond Bank Excites Youths With Gamified Digital Savings Platform.

By using a gamified platform, we not only drive engagement with youth, but we help these young clients build their financial capabilities and set them up for long-term success. Users earn points, badges and rewards for positive financial behaviors such as managing their finances and budgets, setting savings goals, and achieving those goals. 

For ex. in the case of Chinese government: People with low ratings will have slower internet speeds; restricted access to restaurants and the removal of the right to travel

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