Gamifying China – Israel – Africa 4.0

China – Israel – Africa trade routes can be gamifiying to make money via our System, owning your virtual land to create your own APPS, as

Guangzhou – Tel Aviv - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Israel - Egypt AI, Shanghai – Nairobi – Cape Town IoT-IIoT, China – Israel - Kenya Langauge Business Software. Hong Kong – Jerusalem - IGAD FIR…

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Why You Need to Know About Event Apps and Gamification

It's also important that any gamification elements be accessible through mobile devices.

"Make sure it is optimized for mobile, because integrating it with social media is a great way to increase your brand exposure and company awareness," suggested Kampas. "A social gamification example could be awarding points with a social share or like."

Gamification shows tremendous promise, and it can be an effective way to motivate both customers and employees. As it evolves, it likely will take new forms, adapting to new technologies and trends. It shows no signs of slowing down.

Israel in trade balancing act between US and China 

They have won contracts for the construction of a new port in the southern city of Ashdod and tunnels for new light railway lines in Tel Aviv.

According to experts, the Chinese make a third of their Israeli investments in the key hi-tech sector.

Chinese firms are also interested in building a fast railway connecting Tel Aviv to the Red Sea resort of Eilat and constructing a desalination plant, according to economic media reports.

China has become Israel's leading partner for infrastructure, roads, tunnels and ports 

Israel's delicate dance between the US and China

Opinion: No one believes that Jerusalem must abandon all ties to Beijing, but it must take into account the warnings that are coming from American administrations past and present.

It has been a week since US National Security Advisor John Bolton visited Israel, and Jerusalem has made no official announcement regarding the content of his discussions with Israeli colleagues regarding Israel-China relations. Nonetheless, commentators and journalists with access to senior Israeli officials knew enough to report that Israel was in the process of developing policies connected to issues raised by American officials, and will formulate a series of arrangements through which these sensitive matters will be monitored. 

"Technology is as good or as bad as the hand which holds it. You know you can take a knife, you can use a knife to harm other people, you can use a knife to engrave beautiful pictures, do really wonderful works of art. So it's not the issue of technology, it is the issue of intention," he said.

He said people should be given enough leeway to use their imagination and come up with innovative solutions -- but dangerous things should be restricted.

The China’s OBOR key to change the current rules about global trade.

It would help, she added, if China would embrace the same, or similar, governance norms and climate change risk mitigation strategies that international banks and private sector funders from Western countries have instituted. There are especially good opportunities in the area of energy production, Weatherby said, where China could bring its large solar and wind production capacity, and the lessons learned from deploying those alternative technologies at home, to support the expansion of renewable and low-carbon energy solutions abroad.

“With the United States government pulling back in this arena, there is an opportunity for China to step in and play a leadership role,” she concluded. “The question is whether or not the political will exists to do so, foregoing opportunities to make a quick profit for Chinese industries currently experiencing overcapacity and looking to export it abroad, in favor of supporting long-term sustainable development.”

Gamification in Business is Highly Effective

Companies such as Trivie certainly made waves in the business gamification realm. Working with high profile clients such as Domino’s and McAfee, Trivie “gamifies” how companies train employees.

This involves incentivizing and positively rewarding behaviors you want to be repeated. It is no different than behavioral conditioning, but with knowledge as opposed to behavior. 

But, by now, many people that use the Internet are gamers. In fact, statista reports that, in 2017, 64% of the U.S. population were gamers at some point. This figure is up from 58% in 2012, so you can see that knowledge of typical game methodologies has pervaded the U.S. population. 

The thinking Machine 4.0

"At hand" vs. "Not at hand"

"In sight" vs. "Not in sight"

In the hunt for animals, in stalking, or in plans, there may be a long distance of links of thought, of kilometers of threads, and the animal or target may be only one or two physical meters away.

# Quantum, # Cuéntica.

Theory, Practice

From the ball of a Chinese, I could jump a hare, to the ball of a Portuguese.

The Windows system is very simple and useful; the relationship system, where the relationship is also a place, then allows relations to be related, is much more powerful. #ZriForx 

That is, if you have A and B, you have six places, A, B, A and, and B, A and B, and, to play, and put an "o", to the "and", for example, always that B no C or ... # logometry

Logometry is a new Language 4.0 that envolves

Mode Media with same language to OS – SW - HW

the same Logometry where and, or, and no, are enough to link all propositions and to express all prepositions with these conjunctions cubically, and how we talk and we think, and

Laesontario where interpretation, intentions, plans, results, play with logometry, ACT, Senses, and

Real Meaning, based in a Marginal Diccionary, Brinsemia.

Incidentally, it is not the same as a "or" point back and down that points forward and to the bottom.

 If we want the machine language to reach the operating system, the chips must also be cubic, although for this there is no hurry.

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again?

Wu goes on to say that because big data, sophisticated analytics and mature behavior tracking weren’t implemented in the behavior feedback loop, companies were just counting numbers. 

“This is why gamification has failed to live up to its promise,” Wu explains.

But now things are much more promising as big data has become a big part of manufacturing’s future. 

John Mills, executive vice president of business development at Rideau Recognition Solutions, says the Montreal-based Rideau has an algorithm built by an industrial psychologist firm to power its Vistance RQ platform to provide managers with real-time data analysis, while a typical employee engagement survey provides a “rear-view mirror” look from the previous year.

One client in the oil business with safety and production concerns reported that Rideau’s solution led to changing certain time-based behaviors, though Mills couldn’t share the actual data.

The World 4.0 and the business man 4.0

with new rules, new coin, new economic rules and economic laws, new way of doing marketing, advertising, SEO, new business, new kind of businesses, new kind of categories, even entities, with a new Business Language, new Barter, global and local barter interowen, new way to exploitation the stocks, new way to match IoT with IIoT from global to local, new way of working via gamification 4.0, challenging the big services companies, Banks, secure companies, logistics companies, that won’t be so necessary to get the money or to low the rist, with our cybernetics System, via UNO, our new coin, via Sylodium, how we do business, and the Jewish empire? 

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