International business Armenia- Italy…(Sylodium)

Business Armenia- Italy

New Commercial Association.

Armenian-Italian Commercial Association, established through support of the Italian Embassy, Armenian authorities and business environment of the two countries, pretends to increase Armenian-Italian economic and trade cooperation.

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Milan - Yerevan


Make business in Canada-Mexico in Trans-Pacific partnership.

Most of us know that The Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) is a proposed new regional free trade agreement which builds on an existing Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Brunei. United States, Australia, Peru, Vietnam and Malaysia, and Japan

the U.S. International Trade Commission is evaluating the economic effects of TTP and NAFTA

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Make money USA - Australia

The US Import-Export Bank is making record loans to companies doing business in Australia, as US investment continues to outpace that from China because CHINA currenty is the largest trading partner to buy up assets from Australia

CHinese have concentrated on lesser quality and riskier assets with mixed results.

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Canberra-Washington for example.

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Islam World in Caribbean casino. (Sylodium, the global platform fo bilateral trade)

About 20 Arab investors, mainly from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, have invested in resorts casino in the Bahamas, which is currently the largest resort growth in the Western Hemisphere.

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Little by little Russia increasing ties with Japan.

Vladivostok-Tokyo, Russia Officials from Japan and Gazprom, Russia’s gas giant, signed a preliminary agreement on construction near Vladivostok of a $13 billion LNG  plant and shipping port. Meanwhile, Russian officials say that by the end of this year their Siberian oil export pipeline will achieve Kozimo, a terminus on the Sea of Japan.

Vladivostok-Tokyo for example

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Indonesia imports rice From Cambodia

Indonesia continue importing rice from Cambodia until 2016 despite the ASEAN bloc, and could be automatically extended beyond that if there were no  disputes, in a move to better manage the Indonesia’s food security,

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