mathematics and philosophy to build a new internet 4.0

SYLODIUM is preparing the AI software to play and discover coming facts in world economic order and publicity, starting with an Index about the suitability of the contents in a specific context for a specific audience, all of this inside the big project, a system capable of representing the human language in coordinates, although still rudely.

For example, from the next mixture of part of news, each part go as input in different spaces with a different weight, giving to the machine, with thousand and thousand and documents, the correct Index about if you go good, or you go bad. 

CHINA .4.0

The mega construction and infrastructure projects China invests in overseas require the Chinese state to make considerable efforts to protect its assets and personnel from various direct threats such as pirates, local warlords and China’s rivals. In order to contain China, the Obama administration planned the so-called ‘pivot to Asia’ strategy as early as in 2012, which included redeploying 60 percent of the US Navy to the region. Thus military build-up, especially for a modernized blue-water navy, has become necessary for China’s capitalist development.

Chinese mantra of win-win co-operation makes political and economic sense

The World Economic Forum (WEF) gathering in Davos is now viewed with suspicion as an example of the economic division between the 1% elite and the 99% economically disenfranchised. This growing gulf is underlined in a recently released Oxfam Report which points out that the wealth of 26 billionaires is equivalent to the assets of 3.8 billion people. 

OBOR “means many, many different things… anything you want it to mean,” said Frank Pieke, director of the Leiden University Asia Centre in the Netherlands. “Even projects started before the initiative are often described as OBOR projects.”  OBOR should not be thought of as a Chinese government policy or agenda or in terms of institutions; rather it is vacuous political slogan that in part “signifies allegiance to the top leader” and is a “political ticket” or clubcard to the Chinese sphere. “It means China first,” Pieke said. 

A multipolar world brings back the national champions

Beyond the US, where the Trump administration has taken action on both of these fronts, even countries like Germany, which were traditionally open to free trade, have started to prevent acquisitions by foreign companies when strategic knowhow is involved. The blocked acquisition of Leifeld Metal Spinning AG by Yantai Taihai Group is a case in point.

Governmental growth policy in these markets is moving to a consumer and services-led model, with growing median private wealth predominantly benefiting domestic companies. Should the recent trade truce between China and the US shift away from tariffs and other barriers as key policy tools, corporate and private tax competition could become the new battleground. 


AI CYBERNETICS, SHENZHEN – Singapore - SADC Shipping Business, SHANGHAI – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Ningbo –Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China South – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0, China – India - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0

IoT, IIoT, and IoTT (internet of things and thoughts)

IoT enables workflow automation. The traditional step-by-step approach to filling customer orders involves capturing requests via a WMS, allocating existing inventory to the orders, and manual picking. Order-picking robots, drone-based inspection and delivery, and head-mounted displays provide instructions to order pickers in a hands-free mode. Connected point-of-sale (POS) systems allow managers to seamlessly report order status and changes in inventory. As a result, warehouse companies can eliminate inefficiencies stemming from the legacy approach to order processing, which involves manual labor and data entry, paper-based processes, and inefficient use of storage facilities.

China Mobile IoT: China Mobile Partners With Huawei to Create the Era of IoE

In the future, China Mobile's intelligent IoT services will be extended to more industries, covering urban management, industrial manufacturing, logistics, households, transportation, medical care, and education. These services will change the way people live and work, and transform economic and social operations, creating new space for the growth of China Mobile in communication services. 

The thinking machine 4.0 to build algorithms for APPS 4.0 behaviour and language via RFT say that:

In ancient Greece, the good, was the man of the dispute, the warrior, we talk about men, not women (we feel discrimination) the one looking for a rival, bonus, in Latin, today, the good (not the kind, bear ) is not even the noble, but the non-violent, the peaceful, well, well, thank God, how not for these Western times, but beware of the "non-violent at all costs" eh !! that somewhere the hare has to jump, every time, or every day.

The noble thing was to go from being the rich, the owner, the landowner does not cure, then who is beating a duel by a bullshit, the noble spirit, the man or the bull who attacks without fail, the sincere almost brusque but not too clumsy, and today to the assertive? Well, and of course according to what the geolocation tells us.

Actually, we are all good and bad, noble and miserable, according to what and with whom and the current wind and so on. Actually, evil bad guys, those who plot and plot against malignancy against others, there are not many, but clumsy awkward too many, wounded vanities, reactions to alleged reactions, and tiny egos or egos balloons or egos battered or egos in conditions but that not entirely and etc, Come on, question of degrees, contexts, and percentages.

the nonphysical violence, the verbal one, even less if we include the passive one, we should not change our heart, because it is our daily bread, so subject to interpretations and expectations, that later it gives lazy laughter to the bull past.

we could say, how good and noble, he is the happy and responsible guy with his people and his things, who does not give ball to things without much, or even better, without a lot of importance, and that with the cojoneras flies or the tocacojones, strip of colored birds, that is, the noble hypocrisy of the noble.

How Gamification Provides a Useful Source of Motivation

Evolving with more and more functionalities each year, Duolingo is more than just a language app now. There is a chat function, profile badges, and even LinkedIn profile integration.

That’s right–you can wager “lingots” (in-game currency) and earn more if you practice more. This gamifies language learning, but this reminds me of another gambling-related aspect of modern gaming.