Multinationals or States will have to use our global system TREXU.


As Sylodium’s system is like a chain link game, bilateral trade is transferred to triangular trade and from this you can go to circuits business that are interwoven with other circuits business generating new business opportunities

You can create your own circuit, or route inside Sylodium’s system as China – Africa AI CYBERNETICS, Guangzhou – Singapore - SACU Shipping Business, Keifang – Dubai - IGAD trade routes, Shanghai – Nairobi – Cape Town - West Africa Shipping global, China – Middle West - Kenya Shipping 4.0. Hong Kong – India - IGAD coordinated routes 4.0.

OBOR 4.0

OBOR is not only about routes but about investment in Africa. In addition the opportunities can be eye from different aspects firstly the 1,780km Tanzania Zambia Railway line has symbolized china’s presence in Africa since the 1970‟s. Currently China is involved in numerous mega infrastructural projects in Africa. Is China the best investor in Africa not asking for political matters? For purposes of this paper, some of those which lie within the mandate of OBOR will be highlighted. Top on the list is the 2,700kmEast African Railway line. This includes Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. As indicated earlier, extent of involvement of OBOR affiliated institutions in financing the Kenyan part are not clear, though China‟s Exim bank has been linked. 8Another major railway project is the 1,315km Kano-Lagos railway line in Nigeria, the 1,302km Bengue railway line in Angola (which brings to total 4,000km railway in Angola constructed by China), 560km Belinga-Santa Clara railway in Gabon, 172km railway in Libya and 430km rail in Mauritania to name but a few. China think of business not in political systems of charity. To put this into perspective, the entire African rail network is 50,000km.On the other hand, China is constructing port facilities in Kenya, Tanzania, Gabon, and Djibouti among others, with most road construction being handled by Chinese contractors, using Chinese financing. The 1302km Angola railway line will be linked with Angola-Zambia and TAZARA in future. On port construction, China is involved in construction of the Lamumega port in Kenya, Bagamoyo port in Tanzania, Santa Clara deep water port in Gabon amongst others9. It’s safe to say even without OBOR therefore, China is heavily involved in opening up Africa.

The „Beijing consensus‟ is one which does not give a standard solution to all situations, but which encourages development based on the unique circumstances of individual states, and a „ruthless willingness to experiment and innovate‟. While for very long the US and her allies pushed the rhetoric that economic freedom is intertwined with political freedom (Washington consensus), over the years, the Chinese model has earned many admirers all over the globe.

Everybody is in FIR not only USA or China.

Russia is also taking a novel way toward actually developing military robots. Instead of relying solely on defense firms, Russia wants to “outsource” the design of military robots to local universities. The Russian ministry of defense is already working on a plan called “Robotics for Military and Special Purposes” to make this a reality.

Is Europe on fire in this? and Latin America? and África?

Keeping with Russia, as other nations pursue a more aggressive posture, they are also developing autonomous weapons. China is working on AI-controlled submarines and stealthy drones, and the Collaborative Operations in Denied Environment (CODE) project and others at the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

This may push Russia and others to focus on autonomous weapons rather than logistical and support robots, giving rise to a new kind of arms race.

Or perhaps Russia is thinking ahead of most countries and is simply laying down the foundation for logistical/support robots that could also act as combat robots.

“With collaborative robots, you want the capabilities of both human beings and robots,” said Akella. “You want the dexterity and intelligence of humans combined with the computer vision and repetitive abilities of robots. The efficiency of a combined system is much higher than either independently.”

“For example, at General Motors, it would take six months to reprogram a line for a new product,” he recalled. “But you can retrain people in weeks and change a smartphone every year. The value of optimizing human activities and machines in a holistic sense is clear.”

“Today, the only way to get information is from the plant manager or a machine looking at one point,” Akella said. Seventy one percent of survey respondents said that manual time and motion studies were important sources of data about human activities.

The thinking Machine

Monad 7. Rumboid

X axis. Ontology

x1: Essence, Determinism S, Radical Concentric Cubic Study of words, coherences. X2: Subjects, # Cíborg, REX with their #APPS. X3, Facts, CUBIC Ideas. X4, Phenomena, short discoveries, when working and relating. X5, New classes

Y axis. Reality.

Y1, Nature, mind more cubic than lucid towards interaction. Y2 SAME (lim, inf) (PV, Mar, Gr) Resolution, call, openness towards other and contrary coherences m3, prudence m6ñ Y3 Predicted Systems of Intentionality under a single general Intention, that of turn. Y4 Mundaneity, Significance, For the sake of, For what, Meanwhile ... Y5 Domestic truths, rude. .

Z axis. Ontic, potential.

Z1 Participate in other medium coherences while watching while speaking. Z2 Cubic Causality (ACT Critaxis). Categories of #Kant: Existence, Non-Existence, Possibility, No Possibility, Necessity, No Need, Reality, No Reality, Limitation, Substance, Accident, Agent, Patient, Cause Effect. Z3 space and time in #Heidegger, try to link the current and articulate it. Z4 Here and now: Current status Photo, of the System. Z5 History, #Hestidolia 

Why You Need to Know About Event Apps and Gamification

The appeal of games is due, at least in part, to how the brain is wired.

"Winning is tied into the pleasure circuits of the brain," said Marsala. "Every time we achieve, dopamine is released -- achieve bigger goals, release larger amounts of dopamine. In this way, humans are hardwired to want to play games."

If you've ever earned airline miles or shopping points, you've participated in gamification. Increasing numbers of businesses have been using gamified strategies like these to increase customer engagement and help sales.

Construction of TREXU System via Sylodium, heminemetics, Critaxis…

In TREXU System: our coming new Language: Logometry, will alow to build a real and virtual (not exacty artificial) intelligence, for a global computer and potential specific computers related with the global one via Sylodium, Heminemetics, Critaxis, and Rexiology, based in the natural axis of the things as we really think.


Industry 4.0 - an opportunity for Africa's auto sector

In a continent such as Africa, where the vast differences and the lack of infrastructure have bedevilled development to this day and where inconsistencies in fuel quality have stymied the introduction of latest generation ICE technology, we could see a flashover effect, reminiscent to what we experienced with the cell phone explosion where Africa leapfrogged the world in the roll out of this technology and then led the world too in spin off applications like cell phone banking and money transfers.

We have developed e-power – an engine which is powered by electricity but has a small on-board internal combustion engine to generate power for the battery banks, not the wheels. This works well with the current infrastructural deficit, lack of charging stations and indifferent electrical supply by using far less petrol, which could be of inferior quality, to create electricity – yet another African innovation.

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