Qatar Airways, everyday business flights between Birmingham - Doha

Qatar Airways, which launches eight times a week flights to Doha from Birmingham Airport next month.

The airport in Doha is a major hub with many connections to South East Asia and the Far East

Business flights

Tourims flights are business flights too

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From March 30 the airline will be operating services between Birmingham and Doha every day of the week with two services on Saturdays

Hamad International Airport in Doha provides more than 150 destinations, including two recent additions Sydney and Adelaide.

There are many reasons for launching the service. One of which is the significant movement of people between Birmingham and India and Pakistan.

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A bit of History, UK - QATAR

In 1868 The Qatari declaration, principal ruler of the Qatari tribes, was the first recognition of Qatar as independent from Bahrain,

The Ottomans officially renounced sovereignty over Qatar in 1913.

in 1916, thereby the area under the trucial system.

This meant that Qatar relinquished its autonomy in foreign affairs, such as the power to cede territory, and other affairs, in exchange for Britain's military protection from external threats.

Initially, the British were reluctant to involve themselves in inland affairs. However, when oil was discovered in the area in the 1930s, the race for oil concessions intensified and UK takes advantage of the situation.

Britain and Qatar signed a Defence Cooperation Agreement in November 2014.

2015, an air base is being used as a headquarters for British forces involved in Operation Shader, the UK's military intervention against ISIS in Iraq

In 2013, the UK set up the UK Science and Innovation Network (SIN) in the Gulf, based in Doha, to support science and innovation partnering in the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council. This is in line with Qatar’s plans to spend 2.8% of its national budget annually on research and to invest heavily in infrastructure and programmes to build a knowledge economy

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UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) helps UK-based businesses expand in Qatar whilst also aiding Qatari businesses locate and expand in the UK

British Embassy in Doha

Qatari Embassy in London

British Council in Qatar

The Qatar Foundation 

Some of the two countries’ collaborations in these fields include:

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