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IoT-IIoT-IoTT(internet of things and thoughts) with AI for Smart cities


It is a contextual structure (“in sight”) based on a philosophical system (logical - dialectic - space - time: Sñ_TAS-133) that systematically orders the fundamental fields involved in “any” matter to analyze and weigh it in comparison with the Other issues of the “case”, whose objective is to measure the suitability of linguistic contents and their psychological impact on the different profiles of people, to offer them, these suitability indices (psychologically, sociologically, businessly…) and psychological impact, to communication companies, advertising agencies, and political parties.

Advantages of the platform:


It is visual and ordered, everything has its coordinates. Being visual, it allows to give spatial orders, let's say that the algorithm looks, "if so then which one, ... from to" Being visual, it also allows you to see hot and cold areas. The template is used entirely successive times. Gender, species and individual will be looked at in that space: For example, "policy content on the radio in Castilla y León", which feeds "the contents of the radio", which feeds "the contents of politics", in turn these, of "the contents of the media" , which is the general matrix template of Pauta. What allows, in turn, that when one is in the individual, “contents of politics on the radio of CyL”, this is the general one, regarding the kind of “contents of international politics on the radio of CyL”, regarding the individual, "contents of the Middle East policy on CyL radio", etc.

Wide Contextualization

Our algorithm is more useful how much more general is the objective, that is, for example, if the objective of our client, a means of communication, for example, is to direct its general strategy towards its potential clients, there we will not have competition for our wide, orderly and balanced (with weights) contextualization, however, the more concrete the matter, from the beginning, only from the beginning, will not offer so many advantages, except for the surprises that the fact of handling so many crossed variables are generated, hence, Let us start from a concrete example (political slogans on TV), to realize its usefulness and advantage, even in its less favorable terrain. An event, say that in Focus B.d.2, affects many other focuses. In the prototype, these relationships will be established in a basic way. In any case, "any language game, forces us to pull the general behavior of the moment, the type of people involved, to what classes and to what degree and situations they belong, the general customs according to contexts and perspectives, etc, come on, in the end, the smallest game, gives an account of an era ”. A complete set of language, however small, requires activating most of the system.

Those familiar with the MATRIX project know this is Steve Deng’s area of expertise and that his AI teams have won both the PASCAL VOC competition and the MS Coco competition in 2017 (both highly-reputed global competitions involving the biggest tech companies in the world). He is currently in charge of creating the MATRIX artificial intelligence supercomputer (almost as if he were hand-picked for the job).

After all of my research this much is clear. MATRIX AI Network is a highly technical, world-class artificial intelligence platform that is utilizing blockchain as a way to store and organize its data for meaningful statistical/probability analysis using the MCMC mining mechanism.

Chinese manufacturers building brands for future success

Using Japanese to allocate robot or human labor

When it comes to automating factories, everyone’s approach might be a little different. Some manufacturers might “put all their chips in” and invest heavily in automation based on data, right from the beginning. Some might first try out automation with a trial run and invest more later. Some companies might simply say “this looks cool” and automate based on a gut feeling.

China's One Belt One RoadFor Maruti Suzuki’s factory in Manesar, India, determining where automation is necessary is a little more unique. Robots get added to the production line based on three Japanese words:

China at forefront of digital world

He noted the rapidly growing number of engineers China has trained over the past ten years. "I am very optimistic about the role of China in this field. We see it happening everyday," he said.

China’s Belt and Road poised to transform the Earth?

Cost of goods sold

Why does it matter if inventory levels aren't optimized? Well, it’s related to inventory level efficiency. Your cost of goods sold (COGS) will reduce since you don’t incur costs of holding inventory beyond its use. In 2015, the cost of over-stocking was $470 billion, and of under-stocking was $630 billion worldwide, according to IHL Group. Freeing up cash and storage space creates the potential for savings. 

Gaming the Factory: Can Data Make Manufacturing Fun Again?

a shoe factory simulation to show off Watson’s cognitive power that looked like a video game.

Blockchain, Wechat and internet courts in China: evidence 4.0?

This ‘push me, pull you’ effect will cause further, wide-scale disruption to China’s labour markets, as millions of workers switch careers and possibly locations, adds PwC. There will be great opportunities for businesses investing in AI and related technologies, but also mass upheaval in existing business models across every part of the economy.

Why China gains most from the Fourth Industrial Revolution – according to PwC

Either way, AI creates jobs through its effect on the cost, quality, and range of products, says PwC, which boosts real income levels and creates additional demand for new jobs.We covered it recently: the story of Star Wars: Battlefront IIloot boxes, and gambling. Some state legislators want to impose laws on random loot boxes for younger people. Since it incentivizes people to keep buying more loot boxes, it is essentially a slot machine.

This could lead to gambling addiction as gamers get older. Of course, this is speculative, but it warranted enough concern that EA totally changed its “pay to win” system. The video game Star Wars: Battlefront II is also practically dead.

Gamers and users don’t forget. That brand loyalty you spent years developing can be erased in a single second. Or with a single bad choice such as incorporating gambling into your game.

Does gamification marketing do the same thing?