Solar Energy, a win-win for the EU - MENA (Sylodium)

"in the Middle East and North Africa, where there is no shortage of sunshine. The International Energy Agency estimated that the potential from concentrated solar technology alone could amount to 100 times the electricity demand of North Africa, the Middle East and Europe combined"

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South Africa and US resolve agricultural products trade dispute

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“South Africa and the US said on Thursday they had resolved a long-running dispute over beef, pork and poultry that had threatened the place of Africa’s second-largest economy in the US’s main trade agreement with the continent (behind China)”

The dispute caused US President Barack Obama in November to warn of possible suspension of Agoa, which allows thousands of African products to enter the US tariff free.

Brazil exports corn to South Africa as El Niño disrupts trade

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Trade on China and North Korea border continues despite nuclear test

Trucks rumbled across the Chinese-North Korean border Thursday in a sign that trade was continuing despite Beijing's anger over the North's avowed hydrogen bomb test, which could spark economic retaliation and further estrangement between the once-close communist allies.

"Economic relations and nuclear issues are likely to remain on two separate tracks," Glaser said. 

South Korea - China discuss ways to lower e-commerce trade barriers

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