The U.S. and Australian Race to Export LNG


The U.S. and Australian Race to Export LNG,

Australia and the U.S. are in competition for the export of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). Since 2010, Australia’s gas production has increased 35%, compared to an 8% increase for use and 38% gain in production for the U.S. Per BP data, Australia and the U.S. have netted 75% of the 260 Tcf gain in proven global gas reserves since 2005.

In fact, through 2020, the two countries are expected to account for 90% or more new LNG exports.

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Australian thermal coal exports to China fell nearly 30% last year 

"The fall in China’s thermal coal imports reflects slowing economic activity, and a preference away from thermal power as pollution concerns grow amongst China’s coastal cities,"

"Rising Chinese thermal coal supply and a 6% import tariff are also displacing the need for thermal coal imports."

"China’s thermal coal industry remains in structural oversupply with both state-owned companies, China Coal and China Shenhua, asked to reduce coal output,"

said Dhar.

Australia, China's largest external source of thermal coal supply, saw export volumes decline 28.5% over the course of 2015.

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Dubai, World Expo 2020 

the World Expo 2020 in Dubai.

World Expos — one of the oldest and largest international events — take place every five years and last for six months.

Since 1851, World Expos have provided unique opportunities for people from across the globe to come together and celebrate the world’s cultural diversity and marvel at its technological innovations.

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Mexico-US: international border trade.

Mexico made the  decision to implement an X-ray scanning system to hurry customs checks of commercial trucks and private vehicles that enter into Juárez.

With this system, the suspicious vehicles ( carrying weapons or ilegal contraband) will be check in just 20 minutes, when before they needed 3 hours. 

Time is money.

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"Luxury LatAm fruits" target China market

Rapid enlargement of the well-off middle class in China has turned out to be an attraction for Latin American fruit producers who wish to export what they call "luxury fruits" to the China market in large quantities.

For example, Mexico's blackberry and raspberry producers hope that the China market will make up around 20 percent of their exports in the future,

Currently around 50 million U.S. dollars, nowhere near the amount Mexican producers annually sells to its main market, the United States, which makes up 85 percent of Mexico's exports. 

However, 2016 is only the second year in which Mexico exports blackberries and raspberries to China.

More people will be able to afford those imported fruits, as the Chinese government aims to double the people's average annual income by the year 2020. 

This figure in 2015 stood at 21,966 yuan (3,338 U.S. dollars).

China imported about 5.14 billion U.S. dollars worth of fruits in 2014, up by 25.4 percent year on year 

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