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China – Africa relations, are key, to change to a New World Order.


Technology is fast changing the world, with new innovations and inventions across the globe, the gale has also spread through Africa with many technology start-ups and hubs dotting cities across the continent. In 2017, tech start-ups in the continent raised over $195 million in investment and are expected to add an additional $150 billion to Africa’s GDP by 2022 if the growth continues at a fast pace. This will place them in the driving seat in the FIRin the continent and digitalization of Africa. 

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China – Africa Artificial Intelligence.

Chinese President Xi Jinping Brought A New Armored Limousine With Him To Africa

s China continues to deepen ties with countries across sub-Saharan Africa, Chinese President Xi Jinping himself recently concluded a whirlwind tour of the continent on July 30, 2018. China’s premier, who has also been consolidating power at home and is in the throes of an expanding trade war with the United States, also used the trip as an opportunity to show off a new, Chinese-made presidential limousine known as the Hongqi N501.

The four-door sedan is more than 18 feet long and has an overall shape with a large front grill that is clearly meant to evoke very high-end, full-size luxury cars such as Rolls-Royces, Bentleys, and Mercedes, the latter of which has been especially popular with world leaders in the past, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. It reportedly has a 402-horsepower turbocharged V8 engine coupled with an automatic transmission and can travel more than 500 miles on a single tank of gas. 

Meet the three African businesses to make the 2018 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneers’ list 

Three African businesses made this year’s World Economic Forum annual list of Technology Pioneers. Two hail from Kenya and a third from Morocco.

Kenyan-based CarePay is developing an inclusive platform for health financing and delivery in Africa while BitPesa has created digital financial solutions from and for emerging markets. Morocco’s WaystoCap has created a marketplace for businesses to trade goods in Africa


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Axis Y. (Our) Reality

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Trade Business related with INDUSTRY 4.0. Are you there yet?

How AI and IoT will help drive the future

AI learning is disrupting the status quo in the ordinary ecosystem of IoT and we need to consider how emerging technologies, from AI to Internet of things can reinvent what you do and how you do it. For product or manufacturing businesses, 3D printing is a prime example. This technology is turning traditional production models and workflows on their head – replacing just-in-time supply chains with on-the-spot, on-demand production. By adopting this new technology, companies could turbocharge their R&D process. It could mean moving from design and prototypes to production in drastically shorter periods. Given the repercussions for product manufacturing, keeping track of mega trends shaping our society is vital.

There is no doubt that technology and the companies that spearhead innovation have grown from mere enablers into giant corporations that are redefining the way we live at a tremendous pace. We feel their impact throughout every aspect of our lives – in our home and personal appliances; through industries; across governments; in the media and of course, on social media. Technology is influencing our thoughts and shaping our opinions. The future is here.

How Africa Can Embrace an AI-enabled Future

Combining STEM with the arts

Young people have a leg up on those already in the working world because they can easily develop the necessary skills for these new roles. It’s therefore essential that our education system constantly evolves to equip youth with the right skills and way of thinking to be successful in jobs that may not even exist yet.

As the division of tasks between man and machine changes, we must re-evaluate the type of knowledge and skills imparted to future generations.

For example, technical skills will be required to design and implement AI systems, but interpersonal skills, creativity and emotional intelligence will also become crucial in giving humans an advantage over machines.

 “At one level, AI will require that even more people specialise in digital skills and data science. But skilling-up for an AI-powered world involves more than science, technology, engineering and math. As computers behave more like humans, the social sciences and humanities will become even more important. Languages, art, history, economics, ethics, philosophy, psychology and human development courses can teach critical, philosophical and ethics-based skills that will be instrumental in the development and management of AI solutions.” This is according to Microsoft president, Brad Smith, and EVP of AI and research, Harry Shum, who recently authored the book “The Future Computed”, which primarily deals with AI and its role in society.

Interestingly, institutions like Stanford University are already implementing this forward-thinking approach. The university offers a programme called CS+X, which integrates its computer science degree with humanities degrees, resulting in a Bachelor of Arts and Science qualification.


 XIAN – Southern Africa VIRTUAL INTELLIGENCE 4.0, NINGBO – West Africa ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, Qingdao – Nigeria ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) - INTERNET OF THINGS , China South – South Africa Internet of things-IIoT, China – West Africa CYBERNETICS 4.0


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