El Oro de Jaén.

El Oro de Jaén.

Activity: Production and Marketing of Olive Oil

We seek to establish people’s knowledge of the Mediterranean identity through the olive culture common to the region by creating, coordinating, managing and
implementing ways of distributing and promoting olive oil. Being a small company, we aim at a more personal relation with our customer therefore we tailor our services
to their demands. We guarantee full loyalty in the hope of achieving 100% satisfaction with our product.

We sell extra virgin olive oil along with related services and products both to national and international markets. We also offer our clients unique services such as special promotions and exclusive tastings to better acquaint them with our olive oil.

Our clear goal is to take our products to all the corners of the world. If you are a wholesaler, a distributor or a retailer (gourmet store, delicatessen, grocery, hotel, restaurant, etc.) we would be delighted to offer you our bottled extra virgin olive oil.

Our purpose is for you to experience a world of sensations, an explosion of aromas and flavours by taking our liquid gold everywhere. Through tastings of different kinds of oil, you can identify the organoleptic characteristics of the virgin olive oil that determine its quality.