Activity: Spanish and European food and beverages exporters

We are food and beverages (alcoholic and nonalcoholic) distributors. High quality gourmet Spanish products. We fill orders on both the mass consumption level as well as smaller, specialty orders.

Many of our products have PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) certification, meaning these designations are protected by European Union regulations.

Products from Spain:

- wines, cavas, sweet wines (Sherry), craft beverages: beer, Agua de Valencia (orange juice and cava), craft liquors: orujo, thyme, orange, mandarin, blackberry, “horchata” (a non-alcoholic drink produced from tiger nuts, sugar and water), honey, limoncello, etc. – none containing artificial preservatives or additives.
- olive oils, olives and olive paté
- Iberian acorn ham and others Iberian products: pork loin, suasages
- cheeses
- sweets: Spanish nougat ("turrón"), marzipan, caramelized almonds, ("peladillas")
- artisanal jams: apricot, peach, strawberry, berries, tomato, onion, pepper
- vinegars
- bee products: honey, royal jelly, propolis, honey and propolis candies
- Kosher products
- Halal products
- others: "paella", "gazpacho", olives, mayonnaise sauce, aioli sauce, gourmet olive pâtés, gourmet pâtés, sunflower oil, tiger nut oil, saffron, nuts, mashed potatoes, chips, tuna, cured beef, anchovies, canned goods, carobs, etc.

Please, if you are interested in them, feel free for asking for information: export@exportingspain.com, we will do our best to quote you our most competitive price.

Meanwhile, you can visit us at:

twitter: @exportingspain (https://twitter.com/exportingSpain)
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