ECCAS countries

ECCAS countries

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What SWOT do you highlight in Centra Africa (respect rest of African countries) to do business with Latinamerica and America and Europe?

What about China? What strenghts and weakness Central Africa has?

Do you think you could defend your Centra African country in the land of Internet Business Ideas in a right way?

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DRC - China Industry 4.0, CHAD - USA Artificial Inteligence,  - South America 3D Printing, Central African Republic - China Laser industry, Equatorial Guinea - Spain Robotics, etc etc

In revolution times, the ideas worth so much as technology.

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If you want to export and/or import to Central African countries specially from China in Tech industry.

and If you want to export and or import to Central African countries, fomr any part of the wor.

 use  (the international trade system)

Paris - Yaoundé (Cameroon)

 Just an example

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The Economic Community of Central African States,

ECCAS; is an Economic Community of the African Union for promotion of regional economic co-operation in Central Africa.

ECCAS policy includes a plan of twelve years to remove customs duties between Member States and establishing a common external tariff;

On January 24, 2003, the European Union (EU) concluded a financial agreement with ECCAS and CEMAC, conditional both merging into one organization

ECCAS Members

Equatorial Guinea

Population: 676.000 (166th) GDP: $24,2 trillion (107th)  GDP per cápita: $30.233 (32th) 


Population: 1.475.000 (150th) GDP: $25,5 trillion (110th) GDP per cápita: $16.547 (58th)


Population: 18.498.000 (56th) GDP: $128,3 trillion (64th) GDP per cápita: $6.346 (107th)


Population: 4.366.266 (128th) GDP: $19,1 trillion (125th) GDP per cápita: $4.666 (128th)


Population: 19.406.100 (58th) GDP: $50,7 trillion (90th)  GDP per cápita: $2.366 (148th)


São Tomé and Príncipe:

Population: 183,176 (188th) GDP: $ 0,4 billion (181th)  GDP per cápita: $ 2.337 (149th)


Population: 10.329.208 (73th) GDP: $19,5 trillion (123th) GDP per cápita: $1.865 (150th)

Central African Republic

Population: 4.422.000 (124th) GDP: $3,9 trillion (160th)  GDP per cápita: $800 (182th) 


Population: 8.749.000 (89th) GDP: $ 5,5 trillion ( 155th)  GDP per cápita: $ 625 (185th) 


Population: 75.507.308 (19th) GDP: $27,6 trillion (108th)  GDP per cápita: $368 (187th) 


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