Import Export jobs.

Import Export jobs.

New Import Export Jobs System

the virtual business become real business in real life

Imagine all money you could get managing some connections,

New York - Shanghai business

Japan - Germany business

Russia - Middle East

China - India.

Indonesia - Brazil

Mexico - Colombia.....

Philosophy of our idea of work,

FLEXIBILITY (except in our rules of levels, here you would be in level 2, you can manage people from level 3 and 4, and opt to reach level 1) 

One disposal and many awards.

Competition system inside, the worst participant will have leave, the best one, will win more than the rest...

we don’t want dreamers,

we want people with will to power

we will need your help, and you will need our system

Our structure of international trade, is actually the structure of international trade, and our internal structure, our SEO structure, match with both.

We share the 20% of Sylodium with the 12 administrators of area

And 8 administrators of the 8 sections.

Economic blocs, 

bilateral trade news

Forum – Ideas – Realities – Gamification,





human resources,

Sylodium's name come from Symploké, not from Syllogism,

But we are fanatics of Syllogisms

1.- our "connecting - countries and cities" system is a new and useful idea in Internet

2.- The international trade is in this way, in real life occurs between countries (cities)

Conclusion.- a new concept can be just the reality of some matter in other place. Here, Internet.

We are doing the same with other realities that aren't yet established in the right way in adequate places,

Imagine reload the detergent (and more) at homes in the first and unique drum as years ago milkers carried the milk at home,

How spectacular would be this unique drum?

How cheaper would be the detergent in comparison with being carried at home after being buyed by Internet with one drum each time?

Another business Syllogism

1.- Many people go to aesthetic surgeon to change their face

2.- Many people don't believe enough in God, but they want to be buried or incinerated,

Conclusion.- the coffins and polls should wear the busts of these people instead the cross of Christ

This is the way we want you to work with us in our matters,

Have you understood the advantages of represent the reality of international trade in internet?

Have you understood that is better advertising from New York to Shanghai selling trucks (for example) than advertising selling trucks in just in isolated New York?

for everybody and for anybody at the same time waiting to be seen for who knows?

If you haven’t understood,

Never mind

You can leave from Sylodium, or try to understand it

But If you have understood it,

And you think you have good and simple business ideas to change some businesses

We invite you to work with us

Furthermore, we are in new concepts (not only in International Trade)

Also in Gambling, Computer gaming, Marketing, Sales Online, and Tourism and Barter trade in Internet,

Try to convince us to hire you.

Write us here,

your comment will be published with all comments when there are enough,

You must know that the word given in any Web has to be accomplished not to have any legal problem

Then, the evidence of the best ideas, will do the rest

Also you can be our representative in your country

in any business, the chain would seem unlimited if we don't establish the the correct frame for each business and the perspective we want to analyze

Imagine albacore in the point of view of Spanish business that make canned tuna

Why did the prices rise in 2012?

The increasing of Oil prices

the increasing of edible oil prices

The increasing of piracy in the Indic Ocean

The price of the fishing vessels

The increasing of demand as is a cheap way to eat fish and the population and the trade is each year higher, etc

Then, it would be a crazy matter, even if we would be experts in tuna, with all that the world of tuna is,

studying also the oil market, the edible oil market, the fishing vessels market, the piracy, etc


In the same way we have established the relations between countries and cities as the real place of international bussiness

it will be necesary establish the relation between the actors in each matter,

but we can say,

that in general,

in this relationship these actors participate always,


if we want to establish the basic categories

we can't do what the rest of internet platform of trade do,

just showing us horizontal categories,

we'll need too the vertical categories,

supermarkets, canning companies, fishing companies...

and complemetary categories,

provider of services of logistic, transport, taxes, packaging, cargo, labeling, job center, etc

to facilitate the business between all these actors,

Just the thing is organize the international trade as really is,

We have started with the most urgent matter,

connecting - countries and cities

but as we are decided to be the real platform of international trade in internet covering the whole matters

Take a look here

Do you want to work with Us?

Participate in advertising revenue?

Or you just want to advertise?

Sylodium will allow to participate everybody, from Business Angels to Crowdfunding, from companies to persons, in different way of course, to manage any Appendix separately,
for example, a person can choose

place: New York - Middle East
Matter: big data
actors: experts - public

then, he will manage this space, to make money in this affair,

This affair, due to our public segmentation and SEO segmentation system, will be recognized by Google in the best way.

how many interesting affairs exist or can exist that you never guess?

We will cover everything structurallylater people will fill this structure with their acts.

In Sylodium, you can manage your business in any world area you want…it is a New Directory of import and export. It is free for users.

Advertise in city country / crossings, from your city (country) to any other target city (country) in which you want to sell your goods or buy the goods of that target country, or offer your global services or buy companies of that country etc  

Every country, with good and appropriate advertising, demands different ads. 

Spain - Brazil

Shenzhen (China) - Lagos (Nigeria)

All countries

Main cities

In Sylodium users can:

  1. Choose their target markets
  2. Reach TOP positions for their ads in Google,
  3. Be seen by people they want to be seen

The best SEO to the businesses due to Google recognize cities and countries in our URLs and metatitles, 

It is a new system, a new world map where the knots are the crossings amongst cities, the routes, not the cities themselves. 

If encouraged to work as an administrator of a world area contact us at so we will explain your job.

Here a link to some Masters of International trade 

  1.   City and Country / Crossing System. 

Choose your target Markets.