Category: SERVICES

Any new APP, any new startup, can be part of Sylodium, the automatic global business system.

In any case, can be a Sylodium’s part or a Sylodium’s tool (synergy between any new and interesting App and Sylodium)

as Sylodium represents the basic scheme of businesses,

the company A (kind of actor) (sited in 1) propose item X to company B (kind of actor) (sited in 2)

For ex: "Laser manufacturer from China, sell online, laser pointers to African people"

As a business phrase where any business basically can be represented, and then, ordered in the right way, and then be found for any part of the phrase, the places, the actors, the items or the companies.

We are not interested in being competitor of other platforms, we just want to be the real business platform in Internet towards a cybernetics system (heminemetic System, based in our language: Rexiology, and in our philosophy Logometry)

With a powerful stats tool, above all, for international SME's (specially small ones) and for new global entrepeneurs.

We look and we establish circuit business.

The software looks for and propose you and establish circuit business too

The user, can search partners in other cities for some concrete business, establish a provisional join venture, can look for crowdfunding from public, hire people for just one day, for something concrete, in exchange of advertising incomes (for ex.) the user can create his own circuit business, create their own web, inside the web (as a piece of Sylodium, autonomous, but jointed) etc etc

If we think, for example, of some startups awarded in Spain

as Habitissimo. This platform connects the demand with the offer in the sector of services for the home (works, reforms ...), that is to say, it is a nexus between self-employed and clients.

in Sylodium’s browser would be

Places: Spain to Spain

Actors: Experts to Clients

Category: House building

Key Words. startup, home, Works, reforms

other platforms can be an interesting tool for some Sylodium’s part

Imagga a system of image recognition API through an automated process that assigns keywords. The novelty of this startup is that it integrates, on the same platform, this recognition of images and the option of integrating them easily in the devices or in the cloud of the clients.

in Sylodium’s browser:

Places: the Cloud

Actors: Company to Public

Category: Software.

key words: startup, image, recognition, API, Inteligent, devises

or just a relevant advance in any business matter as

Plactherm, which introduced an intelligent heating system as an environmentally friendly solution. This solution offers efficiency 30% higher than other companies in the competition. The project consists of, as they themselves define it, "the floor of the future": several tiles with presence and temperature sensors that can be controlled from the smartphone.

Places: Spain to Spain

Actors: Company to Public

Category: house

Key words: intelligent, heating, floor, system


Our Ethics: beneficial circuits

look this example: KR,

We are creating an elite group, that with the publicity, each one in its way, introduce beneficial virus up, towards the power

we need public with practical ideas, so anyone can do business in different ways

(Anyone, you can create your niche, Care your App, Rotate your country)

The ideas are money in Sylodium.

Theory of the margin, theory of the degree

If you have very good ideas, inside the margin of reality, with an adequated grade to success in reality, you can tap our system, to propose companies, institutions, investors, just the idea that could be done with our system, and here our commitment, you are the owner of the idea, and if the idea becomes reality with the support of any investor, company, or institution, unless the 5% of the business is for you, without working anything, but if you participate in the creation of the business, this must be negotiated.