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Beneficial circuits business (BCB) for Africa

BE OUR BLOOGER OF AGENT IN CHINA - AFRICA, HR and Projects Business about Industry 4.0 and Laser Industry:

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We talk about Reasonable Projects, better than smart or new generation project, looking for the balance between tech and common sense, between practical (many times stupid) uses and mature uses, looking for the balance between powerful companies and small ones or public in general, not win win, but win in proportion. 


If you would like to change the world, surely you should change yourself, and later change the world around you.

In Sylodium we bet for beneficial circuits, not charity to change some concrete aspects of some African countries.

Do you want to change some matter of your country?

Work with us as blogger of Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, SA etc related with the rest of the world.

All Apps about Industry 4.0 and Laser Industry for African countries (related with China) can be part of your ideas and your posts about your African country if you become one of our bloggers. All incomes from the crossings you manage will be for you and for us.

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We are developing a revolutionary platform about Shipping Business.

And many of Startups awarded could be interesting Appendixes of Sylodium.

Take advantage of our system, to change your niche (virtually) maybe this help to change your niche in reality later.

Could we change (some things of) the world (step by step) together with you?

Beneficial circuits business (BCB) for Africa

Project Funding and Banking Instrument Such As {(BG/SBLC/LC/DC/MTN)} for lease and purchase

Sir I am a financial consultant and have a very good and reputable Provider of some bank instruments we can only deliver fresh cut cash backed lease bank instrument {(BG/SBLC/LC/DC/MTN)} to you in accordance to our terms and condition. Our bank instruments…

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Butterfly Lapel Pins

Butterfly open its wings flying in the air, like the wizard in nature, very charming.There is a colorful butterfly,very beautiful. The custom lapel pins for butterfly ,made by GS-JJ , enamel pin maker.It is crafted by hard enamel , die struck with gold…

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Red blank rubber wristbands

Any custom silicone wristbands are filled some topics with colors, but blank wristbands cheap are without any contents on them, their surfaces are smooth and clean, if you need to order blank wristbands, just tell the manufacturer what color you want.…

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