target clients via cities "crossing system"

target clients via cities "crossing system"

Sylodium   City and Country / crossing system plus actor crossings system.

Are you a SME tech company from China exporting, or desiring to export to Africa in tech items as 3D Printing, AI, BD, Robotics, Laser, LED, ULED, R&D?

Here you will find even more advantages that rest of import export companies, although in any case, finally, (somebody had to do it) we have Connected the world

You can Choose your target markets

If you want to start to export and/or import business you would be better using Sylodium.  The global Platform for bilateral trade.

Cities crossings System.

Advertise for FREE at any city (country )

Source - Target

but if yo advertise from your city Nairobi to your target Shenzhen, for ex. you advertise will appears in Nairobi, in Shenzhen, in Nairobi - Shenzhen, in Kenya, in Guangdong, in Kenya - Guandong, in African in China, in Africa - China, and in Kenya - China,

your adverts in your cities, automatically are reproduced in their countries and in their areas. 

in USA - India. are Houston - Mumbai, Miami - New Delhi, NY - Chennai, Bangalore - Los Angeles etc etc. 200 x 200 = 40.000 business places

in China - Brazil. are Shenzhen - Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai - Brasilia, Beijing - Sao Paulo etc etc 200 x 50 = 10.000 business places. 

Imagine you advertise in Lagos - Dubai, from Africa to Middle East.

In Africa - Middle East are thousands of crossing cities. Totally in Sylodium 2.300 x 2.300 are 5.290.000 business places, but well orderede, sited in logic way, well structured, inside the system. 

Choose your target markets 


1.) Why Embassies?

2) A Peruvian who does business in Spain should be interested in  Peru- Spain crossing

 "Does anyone know of a moving company to transport the goods from Peru to Spain?"

You'll be seen by people you want to be seen

You can choose your target markets

TOP positions for your ads in Google,

3.)  To tell the truth, in Sylodium we see the interior and exterior, let´s say, concave and convex sides depending on where you look.

  1.  Even with screws (not only with oranges or cars), an employer may prefer

 Chinese screws to German screws, or vice versa. 

In Sylodium, we show “what’s going on”. The real global business. 

City and Country / Crossing System

Shanghai (China) - Paris (France) business (for example)


Are you interested in Global WORLD?

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About Globalize,


1 A globe is simply a sphere (or spheroid)

Cicero says that globus, in Latin, corresponds to the Sphairos term in Greek.

2 A sphere of infinite radius can’t be be a globe,

the universe is not infinite but unlimited, and the Earth has a concrete radius, thousands of borders, and hundreds of parts (other globes) inside.

3.- Conclusion, Globalisation (as aggregation) affects the whole, but not to the integrity of its parts

we can never consider that after a maximum globalization, we have managed to exhaust the reality and arrive to the "end of history".

At first

too many marvellous things without order 

Somebody has to organize


When the opportunities began


The world in your hands 

This isn’t a globalization essay

Not even a globalization definition 

This is the place where you can globalize your business

With Sylodium

globalisation of Mankind does not exist because there isn't a Human Gender as a given fact to be globalized

There humans, countries, empires, groups, races, religions, but not mankind as a fact.

Sylodium world

is a global world

There are several projects of globalization, not only the US, China or Islam aim to globalize the earth after his own order of things

In any case, even if a single project would triumph for everyone

many parts would remain "delocalized" of this course of total globalization and tote circuit.


(SYlodium) make your global marketing

Sylodium a a encompassing sphere and other areas encompassed as in Logic classes (Euler) 

The concept of "globe" supports a plurality of globes, globalisations.

New Sylodium, coming soon,

Several globes inside the globe encompassing,

selling online, barter, games, forum, tourism, VoIP services, shipping business…







climate change

global health

global education

global economy

economic growth

economic development…

A Catholic, a theologian, a Protestant theologian or an Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish or confuciano- will probably have a concept of globalization and the very different globalization of you may have a technocrat, an economist, a Democrat and agnostic, a Marxist, a "participatory democratic ", an anarchist or a humanist-indigenous.

if West has Watches

Middle East time

While East make Clockwise

South loses Patience

so globalization is a fucking Mess

where Whites Melt In Jungles

define globalization

define global warming



1- As we segment global market as actually is via City and Country / crossing system Google rewards us by our coincidence and relevance so your ads will be at  TOP positions in Google, 



2- Multiplication of ads. 2 clicks.

 1 source city, 1 target country.  

Buenos Aires – New York. USA    (56 cities),  

59 places as there are 56 target cities. 1 source city and 2 categories,


3- Less competitors,



After your selection, for example Bogota - EU.




4- You'll be seen by people you want to be seen

By potential dealers (their search will match with your proposals) by spectators, experts of international trade, and our public, all interested in import export business