Unified Bilateral Trade

Ex: Chinese mold manufacturer selling strictly only to Tanzanian companies. Hence, Tanzania are tagged accordingly.

ChinaTanzania Molds Manufacturers-Companies (Indentified by Tanzanians)

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Logical Business System

Ex: Indian LED dealer selling online directly to the Nigerian public. Hence, Nigeria are tagged accordingly.

IndiaNigeria LED Dealers-General Public (Identified by Nigerians)

FREE Logical Business System:

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  2. Target Potential Markets (countries, cities, kind of actors).
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        ‘The Next Generation of Import-Export Business’


Sylodium strengthens your Import-Export Niches. The Automated Crossing System is our Business Language to leverage the Import and Export trade including Industry 4.0 starting from Entrepreneurs to SMEs including Government organizations.

                Target all Bilateral Trade.

                 Ex: In China – Africa Tech

Chinese SMEs import - export tech towards African countries.

Niched as: China-Tanzania-LaserTrade; China-Ethiopia-AI; China-Nigeria-Robotics; etc.