A Challenge to Manage America – Africa 4.0?

A Challenge to Manage America – Africa 4.0?

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1- In the NAFTA (North American bloc), as any asimetric or not asimetric bloc, there are interests, alliances, and conflicts.

2.- Mercosur has signed an FTA with Israel and Egypt.

3.- if Bolivia and Ecuador access Mercosur they will have to withdraw from CAN (the Andean Community)

4.-Regarding the members of the Pacific Alliance, Chile has signed 13 FTA, Peru 10, both including China, Mexico 6, and Colombia 5.

5.- Cuba is opening Little by Little to foreing investment.

6.- CARICOM and Cuba have created a theoric scheme of economic relations and political relations as ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance of socialist countries).

7.- Central America (SICA), and U.S. try to decrease the drug in the economy and society.

8.- In the last year-meeting of Ibero-American States (government and state of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking nations of Europe and the Americas) 12 countries (of the 22 countries) didn't meet.

9- Both, LAIA (all South America -except Guyanas and Surinam- and Mexico, Cuba, and Panama) and USAN, (The Union of South American Nations except French Guiana) dream with a Latin-American Common Market.


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