A Challenge to Manage Europe – Africa 4.0?

A Challenge to Manage Europe – Africa 4.0?

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Do you want to manage all news about European blocs towards Africa related with coming Industry and businesses?

you manage the blog, you earn the money. 

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Make business in all bilateral trades. Specially from EU, EFTA, CEFTA countries to Africa related with projects in Africa, HR solutions, circuit business, local and sustainable tourism business, tech-agro-eco-business (areoponic systems, agroships), win win business, beneficial business (not charity) etc.

but also in any other as

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All country crossings you'd desire.

Mumbai - Berlin (Just an example)

How to export to Europe, 

1.- The total GDP of EU -28 is a bit higher than the GDP of  USA? Both are negotiating the TTIP

2.- there are many brands that allow to the EU getting more flexibility and adaption to the markets: "made in Germany, made in Italy, made in France, made in UK, made in Spain….?

3.- Actually there are a hard battle between the different European countries: proxy fight.

4.-Europe won't become United States of Europe despite reaching union bank and fiscal harmonization.

5.- EU won't be able to take unanimous decisions about how to tap global growth in Asian, for example.

6.- Another example: the economic policy that is good for Germany, is bad for Spain.

7.- The idea of separatism in UK, and even in some regions, as Scotland, Catalunya, or Flemish region is a problem to EU.

8.- The EU involve half of Britain’s exports so they can’t separate?

9.-After Croatia joined EU, Serbia, Turkey, Macedonia, Islandia, and Montenegro are negotiating its membership with very different intentions and possibilities.?

10.- Map with FTA and negotiations of FTA of the EU.

11.- Russia and China are at the same time partners and competitors, as always, even USA that it being its best allied is also.

12.-The Urals are the natural boundary between Asia and Europe

In Sylodium (city and country / crossing system: the best way to export in Internet) you can advertise for free your company or your Project at the intersection of cities that you want, for example to export to Berlin (Germany) from Madrid (Spain):

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The best way to export in Internet.

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